Wood-burning stoves now appeal to all areas of the population

Wood-burning stoves now appeal to all areas of the population

In years gone by it is fair to say that wood-burning stoves were seen as a “middle class” product which could be fairly expensive to acquire and required access to the correct would fuel. The situation has changed over the last 20 years and wood-burning stoves now appeal to the masses and the price range now appeals to all budgets. It is now possible to acquire stoves for as little as £400 or you can go up to the thousands of pounds for some of the more luxury products.

Traditional wood-burning stoves

While contemporary wood-burning stoves are gaining popularity there has been consistent demand for traditional style wood-burning stoves for many years. The stereotypical smaller wood-burning stove is now seen in many homes across the country offering more than enough heat to take the chill out of a room. Many people would say that until you have sampled the deep heat created by a wood-burning stove it is impossible to realise what you are missing!

Wood-burning stoves now appeal to all areas of the population

Contemporary wood-burning stoves

The contemporary market has picked up over the last few years helped predominantly by an array of new products which have been launched by the industry. We now have double sided stoves, near all glass stoves, inset stoves, freestanding stoves and many of these come in an array of different colours. While there is no doubt that the traditional wood-burning stove is still a focal point of any room, one of the new contemporary wood-burning stoves is like a magnet to your guests!

Wood-burning stoves now appeal to all areas of the population

Stove installation

The cost of installing a wood-burning stove is not impacted by the type of stove you have acquired but more by the location in your home. For example, if you decide to place your wood-burning stove in a fireplace and there is access to a chimney then it is simply a case of creating a lined exit point up to the chimney and into the atmosphere. The situation is a little different where you are placing a stove on an outside wall or an inner wall. You will either need to install a flue system on the outside of your building or create a flue system which goes directly up through the floors of your home with an exit point on the roof.

The cost of installing a stove will obviously take into account the time taken and the amount of material required. In simple terms, the more complicated the installation of your wood-burning stove the greater the cost. It is imperative that you use a HETAS qualified stove installer because this will guarantee that you break no regulations and your stove is installed safely and correctly.


In some ways the wood-burning stove market still has a stigma about the so-called “middle classes” having a monopoly on this type of product. The reality is that the stove market has changed dramatically over the years and while you can still pay £2000, £3000, £4000 or more for a stove, you could also acquire a fully functional, safe and eye-catching stove for just £400. It will depend on your taste, the location and finding a stove which fits your room dimensions perfectly.

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