Month: September 2019

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Review: Firefox 8.1 Wood-Burning and Multifuel Stove

Compare and contrast wood, multifuel, gas and electric stoves

For the last few years there has been a significant increase in demand for gas and electric stoves. Only just now are many people learning of the significant advances in technology and the design of gas and electric stoves. We have companies such as Hunter Stoves utilising their award-winning wood-burning/multifuel stove designs in the gas and electric ranges. However, have you stopped to think of the individual pros and cons of wood/multifuel, gas and electric stoves?

Wood-burning/multifuel stoves

You will no doubt have heard much about the pros and cons of wood-burning/multifuel stoves in recent times. The government is attempting to discuss these heating options with the likes of open coal fires which are significantly less efficient. So, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of wood/multifuel stoves.

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Artic SleepSafe Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Best-selling carbon monoxide meters

There is no doubt that progress has been made with regards to carbon monoxide meters and their role in the stove installation process. It is now illegal to install a stove without a carbon monoxide meter and we can only speculate at the number of lives this has already saved. For those not aware of carbon monoxide, this is an odourless and colourless gas which can literally kill.

What does carbon monoxide do to the body?

Exposure to excessive levels of carbon monoxide will have an impact on the lives of healthy and unhealthy people. In simple terms, carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen carried around the body by the haemoglobin in red blood cells. As oxygen is vital for the brain, heart, nervous tissues and other vital organs, this can cause serious complications.

Levels in excess of 2.5% carbon monoxide in haemoglobin will begin to have a noticeable impact on an individual’s health. Small increases in carbon monoxide levels in the body will see a person having trouble concentrating, becoming clumsy as if they are drunk and a feeling of excessive tiredness. As the levels begin to rise, up to 40%, this will impact the vital organs of the body. Those with heart disease will be at greater risk of a heart attack and children/unborn babies are at particular risk because they are still growing and developing.

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Yeoman Gas Stoves

Those who follow the wood-burning and multifuel stove market will be well aware of Yeoman Stoves. This is a company which has a history going back more than 30 years and is now recognised as one of the U.K.’s leading stove manufacturers. While historically the focus has been on wood-burning and multifuel stoves, the company has recently updated the range of Yeoman Gas Stoves. We know from recent market research that gas stoves are more popular today than they ever have been. The ability to mix and match the award-winning designs of Yeoman multifuel and wood-burning stoves with a gas fuel has taken their gas stove range to a different level.

When we mention gas stoves many people immediately see the gas stoves of 20 years ago which do not represent the current marketplace. Technology has moved on, the designs of yesteryear have disappeared and the industry is certainly moving into a new era. So, if you’re one of those who have dismissed gas stoves in the past then we recommend giving yourself just a few minutes to check out the new era which is very different to the old one.

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New Hunter Gas Stoves

While Hunter Stoves may not be as large as some competitors, make no mistake about it, this is a quality UK-based stove manufacturer. If you check out the company’s website you will see an array of quality stoves which are durable, extremely efficient and while maintaining the “old world look” accommodate the latest in combustion technology. There is one common denominator when it comes to successful stove manufacturers, an ability to read market trends and satisfy the appetite of ever hungry consumers. Therefore, as the popularity of gas stoves continues to grow it will be no surprise to learn that Hunter has now released an array of exceptional stoves.

We live in a world where the environment continues to take centre stage and emissions are tracked extremely closely. While not all consumers have access to gas fuel, those that do are now considering gas stoves as well as their wood-burning/multifuel counterparts. It is also worth noting that the design and look of a stove is extremely important to consumers these days. So, what better way to hit the ground running than to replicate the award-winning designs of a company’s wood-burning/multifuel stoves?

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New ACR Electric Stoves

It is very interesting to see the new range of ACR Electric stoves as the company continues to build on its very impressive product range. Even though it is common knowledge that electric stoves are not for everybody, we know that demand is growing as their popularity increases. Will they ever replace wood-burning/multifuel stoves? No, but they can be a very useful alternative for those with limited space who are looking for a decorative well-designed heating system.

Old style electric stoves still muddy the water

Despite the millions of pounds invested in electric stoves by an array of UK based companies, for many people the image of old three bar electric fires are ingrained in their mind. The reality is that the modern day electric stove is extremely stylish, very efficient and until you step up close it can be difficult to tell the difference compared to a wood, multifuel and gas stove. We know that electric stoves are not for everybody but the ongoing market trends indicate there is growing demand. If there is growing demand then companies such as ACR will look to satisfy the appetite of consumers.

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New ACR Gas Stoves

Over the last 20 years or so we have seen a significant increase in the number of wood-burning and multifuel stoves sold in the UK. This is a trend which is set to continue for some time to come and one which has also had a positive impact on the gas stove market. We now have well-known wood/multifuel stove companies such as ACR expanding their gas stove portfolio as demand continues to rise.

GAS STOVES and Common misconceptions

The gas stoves that we see today are very different to those of 20 years ago or even 10 years ago. When you consider the huge investment by companies such as ACR into their wood-burning/multifuel stoves it makes sense to replicate the design of these machines in their gas stove offerings. The reality is that it is highly unlikely that you would be able to tell the difference between a modern day wood-burning stove and its gas stove counterpart from a distance. While we appreciate that gas fuel is not available to all consumers this is a market which has come back to life like a phoenix rising from the (gas) flames.