Month: November 2018

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Wood burning stove

Review: Wychwood woodburning stove

While ACR have always been a big name in the UK stove market, the company has excelled itself in recent times. The introduction of the Wychwood woodburning stove is further evidence that the company is a leader and able to accommodate the latest in consumer trends. Finding a balance between cost and reliability, heat output and efficiency is not easy. However, the ACR Wychwood woodburning stove is something which ticks all the boxes and will have consumers drooling.

Look of the Wychwood woodburning stove

As with the best stoves, the Wychwood woodburning stove looks fairly basic but it is what is behind-the-scenes that makes it standout. Aside from the enlarged viewing area, which is the latest in stove trends, the heat output is perfect for small to medium-sized rooms. It comes in a sterling grey paint finish and due to its design and efficiency is already approved for use in smoke control areas.

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Different types of material used with wood-burning and multifuel stoves

Stove enthusiasts encouraged to switch to more efficient stoves

Over the last few months there has been a concerted campaign amongst local authorities and some politicians suggesting that wood-burning stoves are causing serious air pollution. While there is no doubt that burning any fuel creates a degree of air pollution, the highly efficient wood-burning and multifuel stoves of today release relatively small amounts of pollution. They have primary, secondary and tertiary combustion stages which effectively burn the fuel, burn the excess gas and then burn the gas again. This ensures that before any gas is released into the flue pipe and up into the atmosphere it has been burnt as many times as possible. This also ensures maximum efficiency.

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Wood-burning stoves and coal fires

We live in an era where politicians regularly introduce new environmentally friendly regulations and look to tackle air pollution. It is a little bizarre to put wood-burning stoves and coal fires in the same report when you consider their efficiency ratings. Modern day wood-burning stoves can be in excess of 80% efficient while their open coal fire counterparts are often between 20% and 30% efficient. The problem with wood-burning stoves, which is readily highlighted in the IPPR report, is created by those burning wet wood. Due to the make-up of the wood, when too moist there are more pollutants released into the atmosphere, some of which come into the PM2.5 category. However, burning dry wood on a wood-burning stove does not create anywhere near the same type of problem.

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Over firing your stove

Review of Vogue Slimline Stove

The Vogue Slimline stove may be relatively new to the market but it has already caught the attention of stove enthusiasts. At first glance the stove looks fairly basic in shape and design but this hides the latest in combustion technology. For many people it is the enlarged viewing area which is most eye-catching, allowing you to watch the flickering flames and the burning embers. However, as we review the Vogue Slimline stove you will realise it offers much more.

Perfect for small to medium-sized rooms

The nominal heat output of the Vogue Slimline stove comes in at 5 kW (2.5 kW up to 7 kW) which is more than enough to heat a small to medium-sized room. It could be tucked away in a corner, creating a soft soothing heat, or centre stage and a conversation starter for your guests. The design is so, well basic is the wrong word, but it almost looks contemporary as much as it looks traditional. It really is in the eye of the beholder. There is also the opportunity to add a log store to the bottom of your stove to save you venturing out on those cold winter evenings.