Month: February 2018

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Wood-burning stoves, maximising heat output

Do you need planning permission for a wood-burning stove?

There is a common misconception that those looking to install a wood-burning stove or multifuel stove will require planning permission from their local authority. Historically, yes you may well have required some kind of clearance from your local authority, but recent changes mean that in the vast majority of cases no formal planning permission will be required. There are still rules, regulations and guidelines but as long as you are sensible you will not require planning permission.

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Government guidance

The official guidance from the UK government suggests that planning consent is not required if the following conditions are adhered to:

•    The flue is situated at the rear or side of the building with maximum clearance of 1 m above the highest part of the roof.
•    Even if you have permitted development rights, if a building is listed or in a designated area it is sensible to check with your local planning authority about installing a flue. In the majority of cases further planning permission will not be required but it is better to be safe than sorry.
•    No flue should be fitted on the principle or the side elevation of a building that faces onto a highway.

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Saltfire Stoves

While Saltfire Stoves may not be as well-known as some of the more established stove brands, this is a company which has been developing a specific focused range of multifuel stoves for some time. The Saltfire ST-X4 Multifuel Stove, Saltfire ST-X5 Multifuel Stove and Saltfire ST-X8 Multifuel Stove are part of a range which is growing in popularity and it is not difficult to see why. Even the quickest of glimpses at the images shows these are well manufactured, expertly designed and are able to create the ultimate ambience. The after burner system is unique to Saltfire Stoves and enhances the already enlarged viewing area, with even greater variation for the flickering flames and the burning embers.