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Maintaining and repairing your Franco Belge stove

Maintaining and repairing your Franco Belge stove

As the UK currently enjoys the first taste of summer perhaps the last thing on the mind of a wood-burning stove/multifuel stove owner is their machine. However, now is the best time to look at maintaining and repairing your Franco Belge stove so that it is ready when the nights eventually draw in and autumn then winter descend upon us. It may seem a long way off, but it will soon catch up with us!

Maintaining your Franco Belge stove

Even though Franco Belge stoves have been around for some time now, they are still extremely popular. They are long-lasting, well manufactured and as any Franco Belge stove owner will tell you, they need very little in the way of maintenance and repair. However, spotting the early signs of wear and tear, perhaps a part needs replaced may not only save you money further down the line but will immediately improve the efficiency.

Repairing your Franco Belge stove

Thankfully, the vast majority of Franco Belge stove parts are very easy to remove and replace. The stove booklet should be able to assist with replacing the easier items and if you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We strongly advise replacing that cracked glass, worn fire brick and damaged baffle plate as soon as possible. That way, when autumn and winter finally descend upon us your stove will be ready for action!

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Arada Holborn 7 Wood Burning/Multifuel Stove

Arada Holborn 7 Wood Burning/Multifuel Stove

The Arada Holborn 7 Wood Burning/Multifuel Stove is the latest in a new range announced by Arada Stoves. Initially there seemed to be some confusion as to whether it would be wood burn only but thankfully they have also released a multifuel version. The ability to burn a variety of different fuels will certainly have been recognised by consumers. So, what exactly do you get with an Arada Holborn 7 Wood Burning/Multifuel Stove?

Characteristics of the Arada Holborn 7 Wood Burning/Multifuel Stove

As the name suggests, this is a nominal 7 kW stove with a range of between 1.5 kW and 10 kW which is more than enough to heat a medium to large sized room. The fuel efficiency rating for wood is 78.2% with a slightly higher efficiency rating of 81.2% for the multifuel variation. These are beautifully designed machines, would not be out of place with any decor and are as much a part of the furniture as they are a stove.

The dimensions of the Arada Holborn 7 Wood Burning/Multifuel Stove come in at height 650 mm, width 550 mm with a depth of 370 mm. The maximum log length for this model is 400 mm and there is a 125 mm flue outlet. The flue can be positioned at the top or back of the stove which gives added discretion during the installation process. The energy rating is an impressive A and it is fair to say the Arada Holborn 7 Wood Burning/Multifuel Stove is currently head of its regulatory obligations.

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Arada Holborn 5 Multi-fuel/Wood Burning Stove

Arada Holborn 5 Multi-fuel/Wood Burning Stove

We recently posted details of the Arada Holborn 5 Wood Burning Stove and now we can announce the stove is available from today. It turns out there is also a multi-fuel version of the Arada Holborn 5 Stove which will further increase the potential market. So, as well as burning good old-fashioned wood you can now burn briquettes, anthracite and other solid fuels with your Arada Holborn 5 Multi-fuel Stove.

Characteristics of the Arada Holborn 5 Multifuel/Wood Burning Stove

We already know that the Arada Holborn 5 Stove is compatible with small to medium sized rooms with an output which varies from 1.5 kW up to 7 kW reflected in the 4.9% nominal output rating. The efficiency rating for the wood burning stove is 79.8% and for the multi-fuel variety it stands at around 82.3%. The maximum log length is 300 mm which allows you to fill the combustion area with a good flow of fuel. As with any new wood-burning or multifuel stove, there is a need to appreciate the energy rating system and these two machines come in at A+ which is obvious very impressive.

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Is a multi-fuel stove worth the extra money?

Is a multi-fuel stove more expensive than a wood burner?

A multi-fuel stove, which can burn wood, coal, peat, solid fuel and other types of fuel, can also be used to heat radiators and produce hot water. There is a general misconception multi-fuel stoves are more expensive but this is not always the case. It does depend upon the size, the heat output and the brand of stove but on the whole the difference is minimal to say the least. Indeed in some cases a wood-burner may actually be more expensive than a multi-fuel stove.

What can affect the cost of a multi-fuel stove?

There are many different aspects to take in the consideration regarding the cost of a multi-fuel stove which include:-

•    The size of the viewing window (there is a strong trend towards widescreen viewing areas)
•    Double sided multi-fuel stoves will be more expensive as you effectively get two stoves in one
•    The more focus on the design of the multi-fuel stove, as opposed to the heat output, the greater the cost
•    Brand – the more popular/designer multi-fuel stove brands will vary significantly in cost

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Are wood stoves safe?

Are wood stoves safe?

When looking at wood stoves (wood burners) the idea of burning wood fuel in the home can be difficult for some people comprehend. The fact that the heat is retained within a metal (cast iron/steel) casing and the combustion chamber surrounded by fire bricks is often overlooked. The simple answer is that a wood burner is as safe as the person who operates/installs it.

Wood stoves are hot to touch

While you may have stopped feeding your wood burner hours ago, these simple looking machines are actually extremely efficient at retaining heat. As a consequence, the outer casing, not to mention the inner workings, may be extremely hot to touch many hours later. There are safety stickers you can add to your stove/flue pipe which will indicate the temperature via a visible gauge. This will give you an idea of hot they can become!

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Do wood burning stoves save money?

Do wood burners save money?

A wood burner (also referred to as a wood-burning stove) is an efficient way of burning wood fuel to create heat. The wood-burning stove is made from metal (cast iron or steel) and one of the main components is the combustion area which is surrounded by fire bricks. We often have clients asking the question – do wood-burning stoves save money?

Maximising use of your wood-burning stove

Surprisingly, the vast majority of people who buy wood burners tend not to focus on the potential cost savings but more on carbon emissions and the look and feel of a wood burner. There is no doubt that they create a very homely and a very cosy atmosphere and the heat is certainly deep-seated. There are a number of ways in which you can maximise the use of your wood-burning stove and the wood fuel:-

•    Heat your living room in the evening
•    Open doors to the rest of your home at night time
•    Use your wood-burning stove of as opposed to central heating in the wintertime
•    Consider using larger wood burners to heat your water and radiators