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EU Ecodesign stove directive

What exactly is the EU Ecodesign stove directive?

The EU Ecodesign directive will have a direct impact on wood-burning and multifuel stoves, and other heating products, from 2022 but it has actually been around since 2005. There seems to be a general misconception that the directive relates only to heating products when it actually relates to all goods and services. The directive is already impacting green energy, sustainable flooring, recyclable products and eco-friendly packaging to name but a few. So, what is it and how will it impact the stove industry?

What is Ecodesign?

Lifting the description out of the EU directive, Ecodesign relates to the production of goods and services for customers while:-

•    Minimising the use of resources
•    Minimising the impact on the environment and society

It is safe to say this is a far-reaching directive and one which can and will no doubt be applied to more and more areas of business going forward. As we touched on above, there is a general misconception that this directive relates only to wood-burning/multifuel stoves, and other heating products, but this is not the case.

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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus: Important Update 30th March 2020

While our online services will continue as normal, we have taken the difficult decision to close our premises with immediate effect. We are the final piece of the supply chain jigsaw and therefore dependent on our supplies remaining open for business. As we indicated in our recent update, this has proven more and more challenging and over the last few days many of our suppliers have temporarily closed their operations.

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Scottish government under pressure to restrict wood-burning stoves

Scottish government under pressure to restrict wood-burning stoves

The “Centre for Cities” annual study of the UK has highlighted the dangers of air pollution across many of the U.K.’s major cities. While there is a huge North-South divide with regards to particulate matter (PM2.5), with the South fairing worst, the Scottish government has already promised action in the short term. However, there are some obvious discrepancies in the report and concerns that wood-burning stoves are yet again unfairly taking the brunt of the criticism.

Long-term air pollution

The report suggests that one in 29 deaths in Scotland’s large towns and cities is now linked in some shape or form to air pollution. Quite how air pollution equates to JUST wood-burning stoves in the mind of politicians and regulators is unclear. There are numerous ways in which air pollution is created with ever more efficient wood-burning stoves having a reduced impact. It is common knowledge that PM2.5 particles are extremely dangerous because they can be inhaled deep into the lungs. This can lead to an array of medical conditions such as asthma and other more serious illnesses.

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HETAS challenges government report on emissions

HETAS challenges government report on emissions

Since the UK government issued a raft of reports suggesting that wood-burning stoves are the main source of particle of matter emissions (known as PM2.5) the industry has been fighting back. There are a number of common misconceptions regarding the wood-burning stove industry and emissions. We will now take a look at the HETAS commissioned report and some of the more common inaccuracies now seemingly associated with wood-burning stove emissions.

Huge increase in stove registrations

It is safe to say that there has been a huge increase in the number of wood-burning/multifuel stoves over the last few years. Indeed official figures by HETAS suggest that stove registrations increased from 12,000 a year back in 2004 up to 130,000 a year in 2014. This is a huge increase in stove registrations many of which will use the older technology which is not as environmentally friendly as those manufactured today.

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Air pollution and modern stove technology

Is the stove industry doing enough to combat climate change?

Climate change has been a central theme through the ongoing UK general election and is likely to continue to be a focal element of any future UK government. We have seen demonstrations across the world, promises of additional assistance from governments and the public are starting to put pressure on their political representatives. However, is the stove industry doing enough to combat climate change?

Renewable fuel sources

Perhaps one of the most basic issues to consider first of all is the use of wood as a fuel for wood-burning/multifuel stoves. This is a renewable source of energy as for each tree cut down another can be planted in its place. Indeed if we listen to the political parties today, they are promising to plant millions of trees across the UK to remove a degree of carbon from the atmosphere. So, when it comes to wood burning stoves it is fair to say that renewable fuel sources are a useful addition to the fight against global warming.

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Bowland Stoves celebrating nine years

Bowland Stoves celebrating nine years

Back on 1 June 2010 the Bowland Stoves website whirled into action as a fledging venture yet nine years later we are still expanding and growing strongly. It is safe to say that over the last nine years we have seen some significant changes in the stove industry. We have seen some well-known names changing hands, some unfortunately going out of business but demand for wood-burning and multifuel stoves is still as strong today as ever. So, what have been the specific changes since 1 June 2010?

Watch out for our promotions

Firstly, during the month of June we will be announcing a number of promotions, via the website, email and social media, as we celebrate our ninth year in business. Even though we are entering the summer period, when hopefully the warm weather will appear, many clients find this the perfect time to carry out maintenance and repair, ready for winter. So, we will be able to offer you some significant discounts and special offers – keep your eyes peeled.

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Broseley Evolution Desire 5 Widescreen Multifuel Stove

Recent trends in wood-burning and multifuel stoves

Over the years we have seen the emergence of many trends in the wood-burning and multifuel stove market, a number of which have heavily influenced stove manufacturers. Some of the changes have been subtle, some of them have been more telling but the future success of the industry does revolve around moving with the times. Let’s not forget this is an industry which has been around for thousands of years and until recently and experienced very little change.

Widescreen stoves

What started as a trickle of new stoves to the marketplace with wider screens has very quickly turned into powerful river. We have seen the likes of Arada, Broseley and Stovax to name but three stove manufacturers, introducing their own widescreen stoves. The beauty of a widescreen viewing area is the fact you can watch the flickering flames and the burning embers as these modern day stoves create significant heat output. Akin to the old coal fire place, there is nothing quite like watching flickering flames and burning embers to relax you, chill you out and very often send you to sleep.

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Wood burning stove

Why are wood-burning stoves so popular?

While many people, and indeed governments, have tried to call the end of the stove market it continues to go from strength to strength. It is obvious that the industry is now more nimble footed and willing to appease new consumer trends such as the move towards widescreen stoves. The stove industry that we see before us today is very different to that of 10 years ago or even five years ago. So, why are wood-burning stoves so popular?

The ambience

If you have ever sat in a room containing a fully functioning heat pumping wood-burning stove then you will know exactly what we mean. There is heat and then there is heat from a wood-burning stove which seeps into every bone of your body. The relaxing ambience, the atmosphere, the ability to chill out and basically drift away after a hard day at the office is very attractive. This is just perfect for family events, Christmas and other special times of the year, enjoying each other’s company and above all enjoying the deep seated heat from a modern day wood-burning store.