Month: May 2020

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Bowland Stoves bespoke handmade garden furniture

Those who visit our website on a regular basis will be well aware that we recently introduced a BBQ section as a consequence of demand from existing stove clients. While this has proven to be extremely popular in the relatively short time we have been “live” we have been shocked by the interest in our range of bespoke handmade garden furniture. Due to our market research we knew there was demand for bespoke furniture but not to the level we have seen in recent weeks!

Why is bespoke handmade garden furniture so popular?

One of the main problems with traditional garden furniture is the fact that you can’t personalise it, you can’t stamp your style on it and many people are concerned about value for money. Mass made products do certainly have a place in the market but as more and more people spend time in their gardens, adding plants and enjoying social events, many feel the need to make things “a little different”. Hence the ever-growing demand for bespoke handmade furniture and our growing range of products.

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Outdoor Living

Bowland Stoves outdoor living/BBQ section

We have often contemplated the introduction of an outdoor living/BBQ section to the Bowland Stoves website and now we have finally done it! Home parties, family barbecues and more appreciation of outdoor living has led to a huge increase in demand for a whole range of outdoor living products. This range of products perfectly complements our core stove business which peaks between the autumn and spring with BBQs more popular in the summertime. So what does our outdoor living section offer?

Landmann BBQs

Landmann has grown from its humble beginnings in Germany in 1966 (yes, when England last won the World Cup) into a worldwide conglomerate taking in Europe, United States, Australia and China. Rather uniquely, this family business has managed to maintain the family ethos with a firm focus on quality – it is certainly a case of “you get what you pay for”. These are quality products at affordable prices which include gas and charcoal barbecues, smokers and BBQ accessories. There is no doubt that Landmann understand the consumer market like no other and continues to deliver on its promises. Innovative yet affordable, focused with a worldwide exposure, it is no surprise that their products are literally flying off the shelves.