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Arada Ecoburn Stoves

Great deals on Arada Ecoburn stoves

The Arada Ecoburn stove range has been extremely popular for some time and continues to grab the attention of stove enthusiasts. Many will be delighted to learn that there are some exceptional deals available on three individual Arada Ecoburn stoves. These are the Arada Ecoburn Plus 4, Arada Ecoburn Plus 5 and the Arada Ecoburn Plus 5 widescreen. The price reductions will not be repeated again and are literally on a first come first served basis while stocks last.

So, what can you expect with this range of Arada Ecoburn Plus stoves?

Arada Ecoburn Plus 4 multifuel stove

The Arada Ecoburn Plus 4 multifuel stove is the smallest in the above range but do not underestimate the power and the heat capacity. This is described as suitable for smaller rooms or habitats and offers 4.5 kW heat output. The preheated air wash system ensures that the enlarged viewing area is clear at all times so you can enjoy the flickering flames and the burning embers. The stove has a stainless steel ash pan and throat plate with an externally controlled riddling grate.

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Bowland Stoves and our 12 stoves of Christmas

What better way to enjoy those cold winter nights than tucked up in front of a wood-burning stove and the ambience this creates. Sit back, relax, let your troubles disappear and enjoy the Bowland Stoves version of our 12 days of Christmas. So, what did Father Christmas bring on the first day of Christmas?

On the first day of Christmas my true love brought to me… a Franco Belge Belfort stove

Franco Belge Belfort stoveThere is something about traditional-looking wood-burning stoves which draws your eye, catches your attention and takes you back to a world when contemporary stoves were non-existent. Just check out the lines, the design, the traditional front window and the overall ambience the Franco Belge Belfort stove brings to the room.

Click here for more information: Franco Belge Belfort stove

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Book your stove installations in June/July for a September 2019 fitting

Book your stove installation in June/July for a September 2019 fitting

As we approach the end of June, and hopefully some sunny weather, those looking at a stove installation in 2019 tend to put this on the back burner (excuse our joke!). The fact is that when the main selling season starts in September you will be very fortunate to find an installer with any free time before the end of the year – bookings will be flowing thick and fast. As a consequence, we have put together some very attractive packages for those looking at a stove installation later this year.

First package: £1300 (including stove and fitted)

Book your stove installation during June/July for September 2019 fitting for a very special price of just £1300.00. This includes:-

•    Firefox 5.1 Cleanburn Stove
•    10 metres flue liner, MA adaptor, Register Plate, Cowl, Flue Pipe
•    CO Alarm and fitting
•    Hetas certificate on completion

The above price is based on an existing fireplace where no additional building work is required. If any additional building work is required this can be done at the same time at an agreed rate.

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Review: Yeoman CL5 Wood & Multi-fuel Stove

The Yeoman CL5 Stove comes in two variations, wood-burning and multifuel, both of which are proving to be extremely popular. Described as a “modern traditional style” it is fair to say that the Yeoman CL5 Wood & Multi-fuel Stove appeal to a broad range of stove enthusiasts. The traditional style with the latest combustion technology, a large viewing area with a high efficiency rating, what is there not to like about the Yeoman CL5 Wood & Multi-fuel Stoves?

Yeoman CL5 Stove, a traditional stove with a twist

As the regulations continue to tighten with regards to emissions you will be pleased to know that the Yeoman CL5 Wood & Multi-fuel Stoves are both approved for use in smoke control areas. The quest to improve the efficiency of the modern day wood-burning/multifuel stove continues although it has to be said companies such as Yeoman stoves seem to be ahead of the crowd.

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Review: Ecoburn Plus 7 Multifuel Stove

Review: Ecoburn Plus 7 Multifuel Stove

Described as a timeless classic, it has been a pleasure to review the Ecoburn Plus 7 Multifuel Stove. As you will see from the images, this stove offers a traditional look with a hint of contemporary. As the heat output is officially classified at 6.1 kW this is a machine which is at home in medium to large sized room. It also comes in an array of different colours such as Midnight, Sandcastle, Slate, Chestnut, Mist, Spice and Atlantic.

So, let’s now take a look at the performance statistics and the technical specifications with a review of the Ecoburn Plus 7 Multifuel Stove.

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Bowland Stoves gift vouchers

Bowland Stoves gift vouchers

As the ongoing success of our Bowland Stoves money off vouchers scheme continues to gather pace, a number of customers have asked whether they can buy gift vouchers as presents for friends and family. While this is something we have considered in the past, we believe now is the perfect time to launch our Bowland Stoves gift vouchers which are available online in denominations of £25, £35, £75 and £120. However, if you require a different denomination we can create a personalised gift voucher for you.

Spending Bowland Stoves gift vouchers

Whether you are looking to buy a stove, spare parts or one of the many accessories now available, you can use your Bowland stoves gift voucher as part/full payment with no restrictions. They are also valid for use with the array of promotions and special offers we will run from time to time. The opportunity to buy a much appreciated gift for Christmas, birthdays or any other special occasion which is also practical seems to appeal to many people.

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Process of replacing broken stove door glass

Bowland Stoves money-off vouchers towards your next purchase

We believe we are one of the most competitive stove companies on the market and pride ourselves on our customer service record. As a means of rewarding our loyal customers we recently introduced a money-off voucher scheme when you spend a minimum of £200. There is no minimum order value when redeeming your vouchers so whether you need a relatively cheap spare part or you are looking to change your stove, you can use your money-off voucher whenever you like.

Details of our money-off vouchers

All money-off vouchers are valid until 31st January 2018 and you will receive a physical money-off voucher when your order is delivered. Each money-off voucher will contain a unique voucher number which you simply use when you checkout with your online order or quote this number if purchasing over the telephone. There is a sliding scale whereby the more you spend the larger the money-off voucher:-