Month: April 2020

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Parkray stoves replacement parts

Parkray Stoves are a breath of fresh air

To describe Parkray Stoves (part of the Hunter Group) as a breath the fresh air is correct in so many different ways. This is a range of stoves which has been in the offing for more than 20 years and when launched it was certainly worth the wait. All Parkray Stove models can burn well-seasoned wood even for those living in smoke control areas. There are very few if any other stove manufacturers in the UK who can make such a promise. So, what makes Parkray Stoves so special?

Eye-catching designs

The beauty of a successful range of wood-burning/multifuel stoves is the ability to maintain a core style/design yet appeal to a broad range of potential customers. It is fair to say that the Parkray Stove range has a very distinct style, traditional look with a touch of contemporary, and appeals to a vast range of different people. We have the relatively small bodied wide screen stoves right up to the huge powerhouses which are double sided and double depth. The range of stoves shows that the company certainly has its finger on the pulse of consumer trends.