Month: June 2018

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ACR NEO3C multifuel stove

Multifuel and wood-burning stoves, which is best for you?

While the traditional wood-burning stove is still as popular today as it ever has been, the introduction of multifuel stoves has caused confusion in some circles. From the outside looking in, is it safe to assume that the multifuel stoves give you the best of both worlds – the option to use wood and coal/solid fuel?

Before we look at the attractions of multifuel and wood-burning stoves it is worth noting that while in theory possible, you should never burn wood and solid fuel at the same time. The problem is that the moisture within the wood will react with the sulphuric acid in coal to create a sticky type material which can damage your flue. As we know, wood burning and multifuel stoves work at their most efficient (and safest) when all outlets are clear.

Wood-burning stoves

We have read a number of articles about the choice of multifuel or wood-burning stoves and one thing is evident, if a multifuel stove was able to burn wood to the same efficiency as a wood-burning stove then what would be the point of wood-burning stoves? Those who are aware of the inner workings of the modern day wood-burning stove will know that they operate with a flat grate. This limits the air supply to the burning wood thereby extending the period over which it burns and creates heat.

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Have you seen the ACR Trinity 1 multifuel stove?

Have you seen the ACR Trinity 1 multifuel stove?

There is no doubt that the growing demand for contemporary stoves has led to an increase in demand for items such as the ACR Trinity 1 multifuel stove. As you can see from the image, this is a square design multifuel stove but it has an extended viewing area from which you can enjoy the flickering flames and the burning embers. What may surprise many people is the fact under the relatively plain exterior hidden away is the latest in stove of combustion technology and efficiency. If ever there was a case of not judging a book by its cover then the ACR Trinity 1 multifuel stove ticks all the boxes!

Comfortable in any environment

It does depend on which way you look at the ACR Trinity 1 multifuel stove as to whether you see a contemporary or even a touch of tradition in the design. While the extended viewing area is most certainly a characteristic of contemporary stoves, it will look perfect in either contemporary or traditional styled locations. In many ways the first thing you see is the flickering flames and the burning embers and to a certain degree the design is secondary.

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Signs of a substandard stove installation

ACR Trinity 3 multifuel stove

The first thing which hits you about the ACR Trinity 3 multifuel stove is the distinctive square style but most importantly the front and side viewing areas. Over the last few years we have seen a significant shift in trend towards more contemporary stoves with expanded viewing areas. It is fair to say that the ACR Trinity 3 multifuel stove ticks all of the boxes. So, what else do we know about the stove?

Technical spec ACR Trinity 3 multifuel stove

The dimensions of this stove are height 766 mm, width 397 mm with a depth of 363 mm. While the machine has a nominal heat output of 5 kW it does vary between 3.5 kW and 8.5 kW. As we touched on above, this is a multifuel stove which accommodates both solid fuel and woodfuel. Thankfully, for those living in smoke control areas the machine is DEFRA approved as it abides by all of the relevant regulations. The efficiency rating is a commendable 74.4% gross and 81.8% net and weighing in at 90 kg this is a stove which will be at home in many different environments.

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Wiking Miro 5 woodburning stove

Wiking spare parts

It is fair to say that the majority of quality wood-burning stoves emanate from Scandinavia so it is no surprise to see that Wiking Stoves are manufactured by a Danish company. While the market is flooded with traditional looking stoves, Wiking has gone for the contemporary stylish market where customers are quite happy to pay a little extra for quality. Even the quickest of glimpses will see that demand for Wiking spare parts will increase as the number of Wiking stoves in circulation continues to multiply.

Stylish and eye-catching

It is not only the stylish design of Wiking stoves but also the way in which different models are enhanced to suit a particular environment. On the surface, fitting a Wiking replacement part might seem a little challenging but when you get down to the nitty-gritty it is nowhere near as difficult as you might have thought. Simple maintenance of your Wiking wood-burning stove will not only ensure that you are aware of worn or damaged parts as soon as possible but will also extend the life of your stove and ensure maximum safety throughout.

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Hwam Spare parts

Sourcing Hwam Stove Spare parts

The vast majority of Hwam stoves tend to have a contemporary style which is proving to be extremely popular across the UK. This is a company which is forwardthinking, listens to customers and ultimately delivers on promises. It is fair to say that Hwam stoves are not the cheapest in the market but it is fair to say that few can match their durability, image and efficiency ratings. However, from time to time parts will need to be replaced.

Finding Hwam stove spare parts

We have access to the full range of Hwam spare parts so whatever type of stove you have and whatever replacement part you require, we can get it for you. In just a matter of days your Hwam stove will be up and running again on maximum efficiency. Over the years we have seen adjustments and changes in the way in which historic and more modern Hwam stoves have been manufactured. Some of the parts have changed, some are compatible with many multiple models although thankfully we have access to all of the information required to ensure you get the right part for your stove.

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ACR Rowandale Review

ACR Rowandale Review

When putting together this ACR Rowandale Review we realised it can be tricky to know where to start with such a small but powerful, traditional but eye-catching multifuel stove. Many stove enthusiasts we speak to like the idea of a traditional looking multifuel stove which hides the latest in combustion technology and efficiency. It is fair to say that the ACR Rowandale stove ticks all of the boxes. So, what should you expect when you unwrap your ACR Rowandale stove?

Design of the ACR Rowandale stove

As we touched on above, this particular stove offers a traditional look and feel while hiding the latest in stove technology. For many it is the panoramic door with the extended viewing area which brings this particular model to life. You can watch the flickering flames and the burning embers from a distance as you relax and slowly drift off to sleep. Thankfully this particular model also has a very powerful airwash system which ensures that the glass viewing area remains clean and clear at all times.