Month: August 2017

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Is it time to upgrade your stove?

How do they measure the efficiency of a wood-burning stove?

The efficiency of a wood-burning stove is a very useful indicator as to how much fuel will be used and how much will be “wasted”. For the modern day stove we see figures approaching 80% and while these do give an indication of an efficient machine how do they actually calculate the efficiency of a wood-burning stove?

Calculating the efficiency rating

First of all it is vital that you do not confuse the heat output figure, which is quoted in kilowatts, against the efficiency rating which is quoted in percentage terms. These are two very different figures as the heat output figure takes into account the lowest and the highest output from the machine.

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Franco Belge Seba wood burning stove

Check out the Franco Belge Seba wood burning stove

Those who follow the wood-burning stove industry will be well aware that Franco Belge is a name which many thought had disappeared. It may have changed ownership in recent years, it may have been subjected to untrue rumours but there is no doubt the company is back with the launch of the Franco Belge Seba wood burning stove. Just one of three new launches by the company, slowly but surely its reputation is being rebuilt and stove enthusiasts are starting to warm to the Franco Belge name again.

Contemporary in style

As you can see from the image this is not your stereotypical traditional wood-burning stove but more of a contemporary meets new technology. The Franco Belge Seba wood burning stove will certainly turn heads, catch the attention of passers-by and it is a perfect conversation starter for a party. This is the type of style which is perfect for a contemporary decor but it will fit in just as well with a traditional styled room. Many people will associate the Franco Belge of years gone by with this particular style and this particular type of stove. So, let’s now take a look at the technical detail.

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Installing a stove

Have you seen the new Franco Belge Vicky 5 wood burning stove?

Franco Belge may have changed hands on a number of occasions in the past but there has never been any doubt about the quality of Franco Belge stoves. Thankfully the brand is now in safe hands and the company has again started to release new products into the marketplace. The latest such stove is the Franco Belge Vicky 5 wood burning stove which is catching the attention of stove enthusiast for a number of reasons.

Traditional old world look

While Franco Belge is possibly better known for its more innovative and contemporary stoves the Franco Belge Vicky 5 wood burning stove is a throwback to traditional style at an affordable price. This is one of the smaller stoves in the Franco Belge range which slots perfectly into the company’s portfolio, expanding the different room sizes which their stoves cover. Even just the quickest of glimpses at this stove will highlight the extended viewing area, the traditional box style and what looks to be on the surface a relatively simple stove. However, like all modern day stoves they hide the latest in combustion technology and air flow systems.

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Bowland Stoves gift vouchers

Bowland Stoves gift vouchers

As the ongoing success of our Bowland Stoves money off vouchers scheme continues to gather pace, a number of customers have asked whether they can buy gift vouchers as presents for friends and family. While this is something we have considered in the past, we believe now is the perfect time to launch our Bowland Stoves gift vouchers which are available online in denominations of £25, £35, £75 and £120. However, if you require a different denomination we can create a personalised gift voucher for you.

Spending Bowland Stoves gift vouchers

Whether you are looking to buy a stove, spare parts or one of the many accessories now available, you can use your Bowland stoves gift voucher as part/full payment with no restrictions. They are also valid for use with the array of promotions and special offers we will run from time to time. The opportunity to buy a much appreciated gift for Christmas, birthdays or any other special occasion which is also practical seems to appeal to many people.

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Five must have items if you own a wood-burning stove

Stoves and the European Ecodesign Directive

In the future you will likely see mention of the European Ecodesign Directive when looking at stoves. Even though it has not been heavily publicised in the UK this is a directive from the European Union which covers a whole array of products and includes electric and fossil fuelled heating equipment.

At this moment in time the Ecodesign Directive is not firmly in place but is more of a consultation arrangement with the industry. In simple terms it sets out mandatory (eventually) ecological requirements for energy using and energy related products sold across all 28 EU member states. The aim is to reduce energy consumption as well as the impact of various pieces of equipment on the environment. There will come a day when all stoves will need to comply with the Ecodesign Directive assuming this comes in before the UK leaves the European Union.

Impact on the environment

As we have mentioned on numerous occasions, the modern day wood-burning stove is a highly efficient heating machine. Aside from the fact we have primary, secondary and tertiary combustion systems available, in a worst-case scenario burning wood will only release the same amount of CO2 that a tree ingests in its lifetime. So, from a pure burning wood point of view there is little more in the way of improvement required from the combustion system.

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Wood-burning stoves, maximising heat output

What are the benefits of a soapstone wood stove?

The variety of wood-burning stove available today is immense and many people are slightly confused about what a soapstone wood stove has to offer. You will see from the images online that a soapstone wood stove is certainly more elegant, more well-defined and more often than not more expensive. Many automatically assume that the soapstone is purely and simply for decorative purposes but this is not the case. There are real benefits of a soapstone wood stove against the more traditional cast-iron body stove.

What is soapstone?

Soapstone is a material which is created deep under the earth where there is immense heat and pressure. This ensures that the soapstone material is extremely stable and able to withstand incredible heat after it has been mined. The material is made up of talc, chlorite, amphiboles and traces of iron chromium oxides and has been used for carvings and sculptures for hundreds of years. So, why is soapstone used in the manufacturing of wood-burning stoves?

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Franco Belge Belfort Stove

Franco Belge stoves and spare parts

There are many different types of Franco Belge stove including the Limousin, Savoy Elegance, Monaco, Montfort Elegance and Belfort which continue to sell extremely well. If you have a budget of anywhere between £650 and £1500 you will find a number of stoves to consider. These are particularly high quality stoves which are stand-alone and perfect for the traditional fireplace or any other area of your room. So, what do you get with each different type of Franco Belge stove?

Franco Belge Limousin Stove

One of the larger models in the range, the Franco Belge Limousin Stove has an enlarged glass door so you can view the flickering flames and the burning embers to their very last spark. Thankfully this model has the latest airwash system which ensures that the glass door is clean at all times. There is also an additional loading door which will allow you to use logs of up to 50 cm in length. Ideal for larger rooms and areas that require a substantial heat output it is not difficult to see why this is one of the more popular ones for larger rooms.

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Four reasons to install a wood-burning stove

Four reasons to install a wood-burning stove

We all know that the wood-burning stove market has increased dramatically over the last 20 years. The technology associated with the industry has come on in leaps and bounds and the modern day wood-burning stove bears little resemblance to those of 20 years ago with regards to technology. We therefore thought it would be interesting to list four reasons to install a wood-burning stove in your house and the benefits it will bring.

Unique feature

Each room has a focal point whether this is a coal fire, television, an outstanding piece of furniture or a wood-burning stove. There are obviously other benefits to installing a wood-burning stove but such is the variety today that you can buy one to go perfectly with your interior decor. Inset stoves, stand-alone stoves, vertical stoves, horizontal stoves and many more are available on the market today.