Month: June 2020

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EU Ecodesign stove directive

What exactly is the EU Ecodesign stove directive?

The EU Ecodesign directive will have a direct impact on wood-burning and multifuel stoves, and other heating products, from 2022 but it has actually been around since 2005. There seems to be a general misconception that the directive relates only to heating products when it actually relates to all goods and services. The directive is already impacting green energy, sustainable flooring, recyclable products and eco-friendly packaging to name but a few. So, what is it and how will it impact the stove industry?

What is Ecodesign?

Lifting the description out of the EU directive, Ecodesign relates to the production of goods and services for customers while:-

•    Minimising the use of resources
•    Minimising the impact on the environment and society

It is safe to say this is a far-reaching directive and one which can and will no doubt be applied to more and more areas of business going forward. As we touched on above, there is a general misconception that this directive relates only to wood-burning/multifuel stoves, and other heating products, but this is not the case.

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Parkray stoves replacement parts

Parkray stoves replacement parts

For those who have not you come across the Parkray range of stoves, this is a long-awaited expansion of the brand by parent company Hunter Stoves. Whether you are new to the stove industry of a long time admirer, there is no doubt that the wait has been worthwhile. This is an exquisite collection of stoves covering a wide range of heat output and thankfully with the spare parts and replacement parts to keep you going for many years to come. Before we look at the full array of Parkray stoves replacement part, it is worth reminding ourselves of the full range of stoves available today.

Parkray woodburning and multifuel stoves

As you’ll see from the full list of Parkray stoves below, there is a huge range from the Parkray Aspect 4 stove right up to the huge Consort 15 double sided single depth stove. In many ways the quality of manufacture is not only dictated by the quality of the stoves but also the quality of the support available. Thankfully, Hunter Stoves offer a huge range of Parkray spare/replacement parts so that you can replace worn items and massively extend the life of your stove. Thereby increasing the value for money even above and beyond the already impressive levels!