We have revamped our stove accessories section

We have revamped our stove accessories section

After speaking to a number of customers we have decided to revamp our stove accessories section to make it much easier. Historically, all stove accessories were categorised into different brands which made it difficult to filed alternatives to some branded accessories. Therefore, we have now separated each product into four basic categories at the moment with many more to follow. So, whether you are looking to replace a stove accessory or perhaps looking at something for Christmas, there are many different items to choose from.

Stove fans

We have an array of different stove fans from the simple two blade stove fan Stove fanup to the four blade stove fan. While many people may not have heard of stove fans, there are extremely simple and they can be extremely effective. So how do they work?

You will find stove fans on the top of a stove body where the heat is rising and beginning to flow around the room. These fans need no additional power source as they work on the difference between the temperature at the base of the fan, on the hot stove, and that at the top of the fan which is cooled by a heat sink. This causes a thermoelectric generator to revolve creating a small electric current that drives the blades. At first glance it may seem very simple, you might assume they have little impact but research shows differently!

A recent report suggested that some of the better stove fans will not only reduce your environmental footprint by around 18% but they can heat your room up far quicker. As a room is warmer, quicker, this should lead to a reduction in fuel costs and make your heating system much more efficient. Check out the different types of stove fan to see which best suits your stove.

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Wicker/Rattan log storage baskets

Stove basketThere is nothing worse than trekking outside into the freezing cold, winter snow and the wind which can literally cut you in half. So, what better way to save your legs than grab yourself a wicker/rattan log storage basket which come in all shapes, sizes and looks. As well as the traditional basket shape, round, square, rectangular, we have some which can carry two relatively long logs. It will obviously depend upon the type of stove, the size of stove and how often you refuel your stove, but these baskets can certainly help protect you from the wind, rain and whatever else is out there come wintertime!

So, kick-off those shoes, lay back and enjoy a long chilled out evening taking in the deep seated heat from a modern day stove.

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Stove companion set

No stove is complete without a stove companion set which come in an array of different shapes, sizes and variety of tools. Aside from the fact they give a Stove companion settraditional look and feel to a modern day stove, these stove companion sets are extremely useful and will actually help to retain the efficiency of your stove going forward. After all, a quick clean of the firebox chamber with your dustpan and brush will take out all of the excess ashes and maximise efficiency the next time you use it.

We have an array of different companion styles as well as colours including black and silver, whatever best suits your decor. They also come with their own holders which means that you can leave them by your stove in the knowledge they are out of harms way and available when needed. Quality, durable and very useful products, we recommend that everybody has their own stove companion set.

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Log holders, log stores and refuse buckets

Log storeIt is sensible to have everything to hand when firing up your wood-burning/multifuel stove which increases safety and long-term efficiency. You will soon realise when to refuel your stove, when the fire is getting low and the heat is starting to reduce. So, check out the array of internal log holders as well as log storage facilities for indoors. These are beautifully manufactured, durable and are something of a fashion piece in many households up and down the country. They look the part and they are extremely useful!

We also have an array of safety buckets in which to hold your kindling, empty your ashes and ensure that hot materials are disposed of in the correct manner. Kindling is obvious very important when it comes to firing up your stove in the morning, there is a knack to that which many of you will already know. So, no need to overstretch for that piece of kindling to finish off the early morning fire, keep it close by, safe in a bucket and away from the direct flames.

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Fire screens

Whether you have young children, elderly parents or perhaps an investigative pet dog you will find a fire screen is extremely important. While Firescreensthese are perhaps more useful for open fires, they also ensure that people and animals are kept away from a red hot stove. We have lost count of the number of customers who have acquired fire screens because of an accident which resulted in burns.

You can look at the relatively straightforward cage type fire screen, a folding screen or perhaps go for a decorative and eye-catching glass fire screen which is made of toughened material. As with so many stove accessories today, fire screens are as much a fashion statement as they are a safety product. The different styles, look, colour and materials are that varied!

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Stove benches

Stove benchesStove benches have become very popular of late and come in a vast array of different designs, styles and colours. They allow you to lift your stove from the floor in a more prominent manner and are extremely useful when considering safety aspects. While we currently have the Stovax’s stove benches in stock these are just one of many different types available today. Thankfully, this range covers an array of different lengths which gives you significant flexibility with regard to the look you are after.

While perhaps not for everybody, we have seen a growing interest in stove benches and this will no doubt prompt an array of new products to hit the market. History shows that the stove companies are not slow in coming forward to fulfil new trends and new demand.

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Outdoor log stores and coal bunkers

Outside storesWhether storing solid fuel for your fire, protecting wood from the elements or a mixture of the two, outdoor log stores/coal bunkers are very useful. They offer significant protection in the cold, wet winter evenings and ensure that your fuel purchases are not compromised by the weather. These products are very simple to clean when empty, can hold a significant amount of fuel and are just there, conveniently placed so that you don’t have to go too far to replenish your stove.

Some relatively new stove owners often may forget they need to protect their fuel pile from the elements, the damp and the freezing cold winters. Outdoor log stores/coal bunkers come in array of different sizes, shapes and materials offering significant choice. Which one catches your eye?

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We have reorganised our stove accessories section to give you better choice when looking for particular products. We will be adding more and more products in the weeks and months ahead and expanding our range as we come up to Christmas and beyond. As many of the stove manufacturers also have their own stove accessory ranges, there are a lot of different products to choose from.

If you are looking for a particular stove accessory which is not listed on our website, please contact us by email or telephone and we will attempt to source it from our many suppliers.