Parkray stoves replacement parts

Parkray stoves replacement parts

For those who have not you come across the Parkray range of stoves, this is a long-awaited expansion of the brand by parent company Hunter Stoves. Whether you are new to the stove industry of a long time admirer, there is no doubt that the wait has been worthwhile. This is an exquisite collection of stoves covering a wide range of heat output and thankfully with the spare parts and replacement parts to keep you going for many years to come. Before we look at the full array of Parkray stoves replacement part, it is worth reminding ourselves of the full range of stoves available today.

Parkray woodburning and multifuel stoves

As you’ll see from the full list of Parkray stoves below, there is a huge range from the Parkray Aspect 4 stove right up to the huge Consort 15 double sided single depth stove. In many ways the quality of manufacture is not only dictated by the quality of the stoves but also the quality of the support available. Thankfully, Hunter Stoves offer a huge range of Parkray spare/replacement parts so that you can replace worn items and massively extend the life of your stove. Thereby increasing the value for money even above and beyond the already impressive levels!

Parkray Aspect 4 Stove
Parkray Aspect 4 Compact Stove
Parkray Aspect 4 Double Sided Single Depth Stove
Parkray Aspect 4 Double Sided Double Depth Stove

Parkray Aspect 6 Stove

Parkray Aspect 7 Stove

Parkray Aspect 8 Stove
Parkray Aspect 8 Slimline stove

Parkray Consort 4 Stove
Parkray Consort 4 Double Sided Single Depth Stove
Parkray Consort 4 Double Sided Double Depth Stove

Parkray Consort 5 Stove
Parkray Consort 5 Compact Stove
Parkray Consort 5 Slimline Stove

Parkray Consort 7 Stove
Parkray Consort 7 Double Sided Single Depth Stove
Parkray Consort 7 Double Sided Double Depth Stove

Parkray Consort 9 Stove
Parkray Consort 9 Slimline Stove
Parkray Consort 9 Double Sided Single Depth Stove
Parkray Consort 9 Double Sided Double Depth Stove

Parkray Consort 15 stove
Parkray Consort 15 Double Sided Single Depth Stove


Parkray stove spare parts

As we touched on above, the range of spare parts available for the Parkray stove range is extensive to say the least. While in theory you can replace any part of the stove, there are some areas which tend to experience more wear and tear than others. We now take a look at some of the more common Parkray stove replacement parts you may require going forward.

Stove sealing ropes

Interestingly, while the stove sealing rope is one of the more visible elements of your stove it is one that many people often ignore at their peril. This is a vital part of your stove as it effectively ensures as much heat as possible is retained in the body of the stove. This allows the heat to be released from your stove in a controlled manner which maximises heat output and also minimises fuel costs.

As a ballpark figure, your stove sealing ropes, which will be visible around the stove door/glass, tend to last around two years. There is a very simple test you can do to see whether it needs replaced. Simply open your stove door, place a sheet of A4 paper between the stove and the door then close the door. If you can remove the sheet of A4 paper without opening the door then the stove sealing ropes need replaced. This is a very simple process and one you can do by yourself without any further assistance. However, it has the potential to save you a huge amount on your fuel bills.

Fire bricks

Thankfully, replacement fire bricks are readily available and at very reasonable prices. For those who are not au fait with the ins and outs of a working stove the firebrick is a very important element. They basically shape the combustion chamber in which the fuel is burnt, re-burnt and burnt again to reduce emissions and increase fuel output. Rather cleverly, the firebrick will reflect all heat back into the chamber, ensuring no heat is allowed to move through the firebrick and into the body of the stove. In reality, the outer surface of the firebrick should remain cool while the inner surface will be red hot. Very clever!

From time to time you will notice wear and tear and the emergence of cracks on fire bricks which has a huge impact on their efficiency. Even though the efficiency of your stove will already have been impacted before you see the visual cracks, it is very important to replace them as soon as you see any wear and tear. Fire bricks are relatively cheap and quite literally they will pay for themselves in the short-term (let alone the long term) fuel savings they bring. Most firebricks these days are made of the vermiculite and you can buy pre-cut fire bricks for individual stoves from most retailers.

Baffle plates

The baffle plate is one of the more important elements of your firebox and has a massive impact on the efficiency of your machine. As well as directing smoke around a relatively long journey before being emitted into the atmosphere it also protects the top surface of your stove from excessive heat. This may sound relatively simple but it does play a huge part in the underlying design of any stove, safety and efficiency. Even though baffle plates are extremely sturdy and can take enormous wear and tear, they will from time to time become warped, damaged or even split.

While also relatively easy to replace, it is worth noting that if you’re baffle plate seems to have a relatively short lifespan then you are probably over fuelling your stove. This has the effect of exposing the baffle plate to higher than normal heat for a prolonged period of time thereby eventually leading to warping, cracking and excessive damage. Unless you are specifically looking at your baffle plate on a regular basis it is unlikely that you would recognise any damage from a distance. Therefore, it is very important to carry out regular checks.

Replacement glass

It is very easy to assume that the glass in your stove door will last forever but just imagine the heat to which it is exposed on a daily basis. There is also the potential for accidents and cracks which may look relatively minute but will immediately have an impact on your stoves efficiency. It is very important that you check not only the seal around your glass/stove door but also the glass itself. There seems to be a general misconception that replacement glass is relatively expensive when this is not necessarily the case. Yes, you may pay a little more for branded glass but there are perfectly safe non-branded glass options available – often at a fraction of the branded glass price.

It is advisable to clean your glass on a regular basis which will not only improve your visibility but also allow you to see the emergence of cracks and other damage. When you consider the impact of damage to stove sealing ropes, firebricks, baffle plates and glass, these can accumulate and add a significant amount to your fuel costs. Any damage to your stove is also impacting the safety of the machine which should be paramount in your mind at all times.


While we have waited some time for the Parkray range of stoves to emerge, thankfully Hunter Stoves (the parent company) have also brought out the full range of Parkray spare/replacement parts. While you should not be need to replace any parts for a number of years it is always good to know they are there as and when required. Remember, as we mentioned above, even relatively low level damage to some of the major elements can have a huge impact on heat output and overall fuel costs. Then there is the issue of safety which is also very important.

If you require any further assistance regarding Parkray stove replacement/spare parts please feel free to contact us at any time.