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Outdoor Living

We have often contemplated the introduction of an outdoor living/BBQ section to the Bowland Stoves website and now we have finally done it! Home parties, family barbecues and more appreciation of outdoor living has led to a huge increase in demand for a whole range of outdoor living products. This range of products perfectly complements our core stove business which peaks between the autumn and spring with BBQs more popular in the summertime. So what does our outdoor living section offer?

Landmann BBQs

Landmann has grown from its humble beginnings in Germany in 1966 (yes, when England last won the World Cup) into a worldwide conglomerate taking in Europe, United States, Australia and China. Rather uniquely, this family business has managed to maintain the family ethos with a firm focus on quality – it is certainly a case of “you get what you pay for”. These are quality products at affordable prices which include gas and charcoal barbecues, smokers and BBQ accessories. There is no doubt that Landmann understand the consumer market like no other and continues to deliver on its promises. Innovative yet affordable, focused with a worldwide exposure, it is no surprise that their products are literally flying off the shelves.

Napoleon BBQs

Napoleon barbecues are extremely popular and they tend to have a broader price range than their counterparts. The company originates from Canada but over the last 40 years it has managed to expand into all of the major continents of the world. As Napoleon continuously challenges the status quo of the industry with innovation, quality and performance it is no surprise to see it is one of the most popular outdoor living ranges of the day. The ability to enjoy a home party, family barbecue or other social event in your garden is an experience that many people treasure. It is also interesting to note that the company has won an array of awards in recent years across the full range of products. In an extremely competitive and compelling market, Napoleon is one of the standout performers.

Charcoal BBQ

While it may take a little longer and a little more preparation, nothing quite beats charcoal cooked barbecue food. It has that unique flavour, that feel of outdoor life and you can see every cook giving themselves a pat on the back when the job is finished!Landmann mini kamado 320

At this moment in time we have an array of charcoal barbecues from Landmann and Napoleon which to outdoor living enthusiasts are two of the best names in the industry. The Landmann products available today include:-

Landmann Grill Chef Tripod Charcoal BBQ
Landmann Grill Chef Cast Iron Barrel Charcoal BBQ
Landmann Grill Chef Kettle Charcoal BBQ
Landmann Piccolino Portable Charcoal BBQ
Landmann Grill Chef Mini Kamado Charcoal BBQ
Landmann Taurus 440 Charcoal BBQ

Whether you are looking for a relatively small charcoal barbecue or something a little more substantial, there is something for every need and every budget. We strongly recommend bookmarking this page because we will be adding more and more products as the weeks and months go by. Watch out for some extremely competitive deals!Napoleon PRO22K-CART-2-Prod-Ang-Shadow-320

Now we turn to the Napoleon range of charcoal grills which as you will see is broader with a budget for every occasion:-

Napoleon Apollo 200 Charcoal Smoker
Napoleon Apollo 300 Charcoal Smoker
Napoleon 18″ Charcoal Kettle BBQ
Napoleon 22″ Charcoal Kettle BBQ
Napoleon Pro 22″ Charcoal Kettle BBQ
Napoleon Pro Cart 22″ Charcoal Kettle BBQ
Napoleon Charcoal Professional BBQ

So, with Napoleon we have everything from a basic kettle charcoal barbecue to a full on Napoleon Charcoal Professional BBQ. Whether you are just starting out in your outdoor cooking career or you are a professional chef, look no further!

Gas BBQs

While the taste and texture of food cooked on a charcoal barbecue is more “with nature”, gas barbecues are not far behind. We have seen huge developments in the world of gas BBQs and if you take time to study the instructions the results can be, well, delicious.Napoleon Rogue-R365-1-Prod-Str-320

This section is dominated by the Napoleon range of gas barbecues which are the leaders in their field and it is not difficult to see why. The price range takes in everything from travel BBQs (under £300) up to the prestige professional model at just under £5000. So, take your choice between the:-

Napoleon Rogue 365 Gas BBQ
Napoleon Rogue 425 Gas BBQ
Napoleon Rogue 525 Gas BBQ
Napoleon Rogue XT 365 Gas BBQ
Napoleon Rogue XT 425 Gas BBQ
Napoleon Rogue XT 525 Gas BBQ
Napoleon Rogue XT 625 Gas BBQ
Napoleon Rogue SE 425 Gas BBQ
Napoleon Rogue SE 525 Gas BBQ
Napoleon Rogue SE 625 Gas BBQ
Napoleon Prestige P 500 Gas BBQ
Napoleon Prestige P 665 Gas BBQ
Napoleon Prestige PRO 500 Gas BBQ
Napoleon Prestige PRO 665 Gas BBQ
Napoleon Prestige PRO 825 Gas BBQ
Napoleon TravelQ PRO 285 Gas BBQ
Napoleon TravelQ PRO 285 X Gas BBQ

Napoleon Prestige-PRO825-3-RSIB-Prod-Str-Knbs-On-320Simply click on the individual links to see more detail about the products with opportunity to click and buy today – for delivery to your doorstep. We would also welcome your feedback on this product range which we think takes in everything and every budget.

Outdoor heating

As a wood-burning and multifuel stove specialist, we have a deep appreciation for the huge range of outdoor heating products available today. These are not just your standard fires, they are actually built into high-quality garden furniture which looks the part and delivers. In order to maintain a high degree of quality we have chosen to focus on the Napoleon range of outdoor heating products which takes in:-Napoleon Victorian-Round-Prod-Str-LidOff-Flames-320

Napoleon Hamptons Rectangle Patioflame Table
Napoleon Hamptons Square Patioflame Table
Naploeon Victorian Rectangle Patioflame Table
Napoleon Victorian Square Patioflame Table
Napoleon Victorian Round Patioflame Table

As you’ll see by clicking on the individual links, the range and shape of these outdoor heating products is huge. Style and quality integrated with practical use, what more could you ask for?

BBQ accessories

As we continue to build our range of BBQ accessories it is worth pointing out the need to remain safe at all times around barbecues. These quality accessories ensure cleanliness, safety and, perhaps just as important for many people, you will also look the part!BBQ Accessories 3 piece tool set 320

This is just the early days of our BBQ accessories section which at the moment includes an array of quality products such as:-

Landmann 3 in 1 Grill Brush
Napoleon Abrasive Scrubber
Landmann BBQ Cleaner Spray
Napoleon 500ml BBQ Protector
Landmann Grill Chef 3 Piece Tool Set
Napoleon 2 Piece Toolset
Landmann Charcoal Starter
1kg Lumpwood Charcoal

Again, we strongly recommend bookmarking this page/section as we will be adding numerous products in the weeks and months ahead.

Outdoor log stores and coal bunkers

We have moved our outdoor log stores and coal bunkers into the outdoor living section although they are obviously very useful for those with wood-burning and multifuel stoves. We have access to a huge range of stores and bunkers, much greater and further beyond those listed which include:-Store 150kg coal bunker 200x200

250kg Galvanised Coal Bunker
500kg Plastic Coal Bunker
250kg Plastic Coal Bunker
150kg Plastic Coal Bunker
Self Assembly Wood Store

Whether looking to store wood, coal or charcoal, these stores/bunkers are dry and secure and available at very competitive prices.

Bespoke garden furniture

As a unique service to our customers, we are delighted to announce our range of stunning bespoke garden furniture which is built to order and your specific requirements. All of our products are built in-house by our expert craftsmen using the highest quality materials with an exemplary finish. If you would like more details on our bespoke garden furniture range please contact us and we can discuss the options in more detail.

Garden Furniture


While our outdoor living section may have been some time coming, we could not have chosen two better brands in the shape of Landmann and Napoleon for what is a new leg to our business. Quality products at affordable prices with innovation and performance guaranteed, just what we have been looking for. Many of our customers have been asking for barbecue products for some time and we are grateful of this opportunity to deliver.

If you have any questions or queries, perhaps you are looking for a particular product or budget range, feel free to contact us via:-

Phone: 01706 813393
WhatsApp/Text: 07497 156 922
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