Range of Stovax County Stoves

The range of Stovax County stoves is already proving to be popular despite the fact they are still relatively new. This is a company which prides itself on keeping ahead of consumer trends, regulations and the ever-growing number of restrictions on emissions. So, what can you expect from the Stovax County stoves and why are they proving so popular?

Traditional design with a modern twist

As you can see from the images, the Stovax County stoves range takes in a traditional style with a number of modern tweaks and twist. This is one of the reasons why this particular range of stoves is appealing to such a wide audience.

The box -shaped design is a throwback from years ago, the extended viewing area is a new modern twist with the bevelled door also catching the eye. We then have the addition of the curved corners which add something a little different to the look. The better stove manufacturers make it look easy; the ability to base stoves on a traditional design while adding a number of subtle modern tweaks. However, there is a lot more behind-the-scenes with this particular range of stoves!

Cleanburn technology

While the cleanburn technology is not necessarily a new phenomenon, it is something which Stovax have introduced to many of their new stoves. The idea is simple. After the initial burning of fuel, which creates heat and emissions, the emissions are then burned again with introduction of hot air into the firebox. This has a double whammy of increasing efficiency, improving heat output, but also burning more fuel thereby reducing emissions. Each of these stoves has an efficiency rating approaching 80% which is exceptional; especially when you bear in mind a coal fire has an efficiency rating of between 20% and 30%.

Many people are surprised when we tell them of the combustion technology, often getting carried away by the traditional old-style design. There is certainly nothing old-style about the combustion technology!

Eco-friendly/green energy

Those who follow the stove industry will be well aware that there has been a huge crackdown on emissions and more focus on clean green energy. Indeed, the European Union recently introduced the Ecodesign Ready standard which will go live in 2023. Well, the range of Stovax County stoves we see before us is already Ecodesign Ready – 2 years early.

If we then move on to the DEFRA regulations, again, it is interesting to learn that the Stovax County stoves are DEFRA exempt. This means that they can be used in smoke control areas. The number of smoke control areas in the UK continues to grow each year and if a stove is not DEFRA exempt that will significantly reduce the potential market size. Again, Stovax are well ahead of the game and even thinking about the next round of environmentally friendly regulations and green energy targets.

Extended viewing area

Each time we cover a new stove, you would be surprised at the amount of people who ask about the glass viewing area. Whether you are simply enjoying the deep-seated heat created by the Stovax County stoves or enjoy watching the flickering flames and the burning embers, the viewing area is essential. The full range of Stovax County stoves have an extended viewing area so that you can see the lights and feel the heat; kick off those shoes and relax.

It is also worth noting that each of the stoves has an airwash system which uses the flow of hot air in the stove to clean the glass. This ensures that the viewing area is clear at all times and maximises the attractions of your stove.

Would you prefer woodburning or multifuel?

Thankfully, each of the Stovax County stoves comes in a woodburning or multifuel format. While many people question the need for woodburning stoves, when there is a multifuel version, you’re not necessarily comparing like for like. While the multifuel version will burn logs and solid fuel, a woodburning stove is more focused on wood fuel. As a consequence, as many will have experienced, the deep-seated heat from a woodburning stove really is something different.

The introduction of multifuel versions of each of the Stovax County stoves widens the market and gives greater choice of fuel. It really is down to your preference, whether you feel a woodburning stove or multifuel stove is best for you.

Check out the full range of Stovax County stoves

There is no doubt that initial demand for Stovax County stoves has been very strong. At the moment there are two versions which are the:-

Stovax County 3 Stove
• Stovax County 5 Stove

As we touched on above, as markets for woodburning and multifuel stoves are still relatively strong, there are a number of different versions of the Stovax County stoves range. These include:-

Stovax County 3 Multifuel Stove

The Stovax County 3 Multifuel Stove is the smaller of the two options, with a nominal 4.8 kW heat output varying between 2 kW and 5 kW. The dimensions of this particular stove are width 389 mm, depth 277 mm with a height of 511 mm. This is the type of stove which is perfect for small to medium size rooms and will even take the chill off a larger room.

Many clients have confirmed this particular stove is perfect for a traditional or modern décor design. It is the old world look with a modern twist which seems to have caught the attention of stove enthusiast. Certainly worth a look if you are after a stove offering maximum heat output of 5 kW.

Stovax County 5 Multifuel Stove

The Stovax County 5 Multifuel Stove is again being introduced to accommodate those looking out for multifuel stoves. This particular machine has a nominal 5 kW heat output with a range of between 2.5 kW and 7 kW. This is certainly a step up from the Stovax County 3 Multifuel Stove and it is no surprise to see it is very popular.

The dimensions of the Stovax County 5 Multifuel Stove come in at width 482 mm, height 545 mm with a depth of 326 mm. As you’ll see from the image, many people are attracted by the extended glass viewing area which has a width of 269 mm. Those cold dark nights will never be the same again!

Stovax County 5 Woodburning Stove

It is so refreshing to see stove companies still happy to produce new woodburning stoves as well as their multifuel variations. The Stovax County 5 Woodburning Stove is marketed and sold as a traditional wood-burning stove and that is exactly what you get. While multifuel stoves can accommodate wood fuel, this particular model is built and focused on wood only. As a consequence, it does create a different type of deep-seated heat with a slightly different design to the multifuel variation.

The Stovax County 5 Woodburning Stove comes in at a width of 482 mm, depth of 326 mm with a height of 545 mm. The heat output is again between 2 kW and 7 kW, with a nominal 5 kW ranking. Targeted towards medium to larger size rooms, the Stovax County 5 Woodburning Stove certainly has a lot going for it.


There is no doubt that the Stovax County range of woodburning and multifuel stoves has caught the attention and the intrigue of consumers. This is a range which at first glance looks old-style but the design has a number of modern twists which you will soon notice. Behind-the-scenes we have the latest in combustion technology, cleanburn, and an airwash system will ensure the flickering flames and the burning embers are visible at all times.

Bringing together an old world design with the latest combustion technology, woodburning and multifuel variations together with an extended viewing area, this is great foresight. Then we have the readiness for Ecodesign Ready regulations which don’t actually come in until 2023. The DEFRA exemption is also very important, meaning that each of these stoves can be used in a smoke control area. Eye-catching design, the latest technology and even ahead of the regulatory system, while some competitors struggle to keep up, this is what Stovax is now offering – perfect.

If you have any questions or queries regarding any of the Stovax County stoves please feel free to contact us.