Parkray Stoves are a breath of fresh air

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To describe Parkray Stoves (part of the Hunter Group) as a breath the fresh air is correct in so many different ways. This is a range of stoves which has been in the offing for more than 20 years and when launched it was certainly worth the wait. All Parkray Stove models can burn well-seasoned wood even for those living in smoke control areas. There are very few if any other stove manufacturers in the UK who can make such a promise. So, what makes Parkray Stoves so special?

Eye-catching designs

The beauty of a successful range of wood-burning/multifuel stoves is the ability to maintain a core style/design yet appeal to a broad range of potential customers. It is fair to say that the Parkray Stove range has a very distinct style, traditional look with a touch of contemporary, and appeals to a vast range of different people. We have the relatively small bodied wide screen stoves right up to the huge powerhouses which are double sided and double depth. The range of stoves shows that the company certainly has its finger on the pulse of consumer trends.

Tripleburn technology

Those who follow the stove industry in depth will be well aware of recent government announcements regarding emissions from all forms of combustion. There is some controversy with regards to wood-burning and multifuel stoves. Apparently the authorities feel it is acceptable to place them in the same group as open fires, however, that is a discussion for another day.

If you look at the company’s tripleburn technology, it is not difficult to see the huge benefits this is creating. The idea is simple; fuel is burnt, re-burnt and burnt again before the final emissions escape through the flue pipe. There are two main benefits to this, the fact that by re-burning fuel, whether this is wood or solid fuel, this maximises heat output and adds to efficiency ratings. Then there is the fact that in the second and third stages of the combustion process, it is partly gases which are being reignited. So, the more gas you can reignite, creating more heat, the less will remain behind to go up the flue pipe and into the atmosphere.

So, we have a win-win situation, extra heat and extra efficiency as well as a reduction in emissions, just what the government and regulators ordered!

Hot airwash system

Those who have yet to experience the benefits of a wood-burning/multifuel stove will probably not understand the importance of the now familiar hot airwash system. This is a system which creates a flow of hot air that brushes past the glass viewing area. This constant flow ensures that the glass is clear at all time allowing those in the vicinity to check out the flickering flames and the burning embers. This is extremely relaxing and allows you to enjoy the full benefits of the deep seated heat the range of Parkray Stoves creates.

Eco Design 2022

Many of the new Parkway Stoves are Eco Design 2022 compliant and even those that aren’t can still be used in smoke control areas. As we touched on above, not only the UK government but governments around the world have been critical of the emissions from an array of combustion activities. We can debate whether grouping wood-burning/multifuel stoves, with an efficiency of around 80%, with open fires were the efficiency is less than 30% is correct or not. However, this is not something the industry has taken likely and we have seen enormous advances in technology as a means of reducing emissions and making stoves more efficient.

Despite the fact that the UK is set to leave the European Union as a consequence of Brexit, it is inconceivable that the stove industry would not look to maintain the high standards already set. So, we can probably take it for granted that a similar tag will be created in the UK to ensure that all UK stoves are efficient and work on reduced emissions. This is something which has been ongoing for some time and while 2022 was the date when the new EU regulations come in, the reality is that the vast majority of stove manufacturers are already complying.

Parkray Aspect 4 Stove

Even the merest of glimpses at the full range of Parkray Aspect 4 stove will highlight the expanded viewing areas on each model. We stock all of the Parkray Aspect 4 stove range as well as spare parts. The design of this particular model revolves around a relatively simple traditional square box and as we said, the expanded viewing area. We currently have the following stoves for sale:-

•    Parkray Aspect 4 Stove
•    Parkray Aspect 4 Compact Stove
•    Parkray Aspect 4 Double Sided Single Depth Stove
•    Parkray Aspect 4 Double Sided Double Depth Stove

Parkray Aspect 6 Stove

It is no surprise to see the Parkray Aspect 6 Stove proving to be extremely popular. Combining the latest technology with a traditional design and enhance viewing area, this is perfectly at home in any traditional or contemporary environment. The nominal heat output is around 5 kW with an efficiency rating of 78.4%. It also has the latest technology such as the tripleburn combustion process and hot airwash system to maintain clean glass.

Parkray Aspect 7 Stove

As the name suggest, the Parkray Aspect 7 stove is a little more powerful than earlier models although the nominal heat capacity is still around 5 kW. It is the range of heat of between 4 kW and 7.5 kW which makes this stove a little more compatible with small to medium rooms. An efficiency rating of 78% also adds to its attractions making it one of the more popular models in the growing Parkray Stove range.

Parkray Aspect 8 Stove

As we move higher and higher up the Parkray Aspect stove range, so the heat capacity increases which is perfectly illustrated by the Parkray Aspect 7 stove. The nominal heat output rating is in excess of 5.1 kW although the actual heat ranges anywhere between 6 kW up to 11 kW. The 79.2% efficiency rating is yet again impressive and one of the elements that consumers are looking to more and more. A traditional yet contemporary design, containing the latest in combustion and air wash technology, what is there not to like about the Parkray Aspect 8 range of stoves?

•    Parkray Aspect 8 Stove
•    Parkray Aspect 8 Slimline Stove

Parkray Consort 4 Stove

We find that many of our customers have restricted space in their chosen room even though they still like the idea of a wood-burning stove. The Parkray Consort 4 stove is the perfect type of machine for this occasion. The stove is relatively compact, has an excellent viewing area and still able to pump out between 3 kW and 5 kW of heat. Perfect! And there is also a double sided single depth/double depth option with all three machines coming in wood-burning or multifuel variations.

•    Parkray Consort 4 Stove
•    Parkray Consort 4 Double Sided Single Depth Stove
•    Parkray Consort 4 Double Sided Double Depth Stove

Parkray Consort 5 Stove

We currently stock all three of the Parkray Consort 5 stoves which are perfect for small to medium-sized rooms. The design is best described as traditional with an element of contemporary due to the defined corners and curved edges. The Parkray Consort 5 stove range includes:-

•    Parkray Consort 5 Stove
•    Parkray Consort 5 Compact Stove
•    Parkray Consort 5 Slimline Stove

Parkray Consort 7 Stove

The Parkray Consort 7 stove is yet another one of those extremely popular machines from the Hunter Group. Able to create heat of between 4 kW and 7.5 kW there is a multifuel/wood burning option, single doors and double doors as well as the option for a boiler to heat your water. We currently sell the double sided single depth and double sided double depth variations.

•    Parkray Consort 7 Double Sided Single Depth Stove
•    Parkray Consort 7 Double Sided Double Depth Stove

Parkray Consort 9 Stove

The Parkray Consort 9 stove is a very impressive machine and comes with an array of options. You can have multifuel/wood burning, single/double doors and even a boiler system to heat your hot water. The machine creates heat output of between 6 kW and 11 kW which is more than enough to heat a medium to large size room. Oh, it all comes with doubled sided single/double depth variations, exceptional value!

•    Parkray Consort 9 Stove
•    Parkray Consort 9 Slimline Stove
•    Parkray Consort 9 Double Sided Single Depth Stove
•    Parkray Consort 9 Double Sided Double Depth Stove

Parkray Consort 15 Stove

As the name suggest, the Parkray Consort 15 stove is the highest heat output machine in the Parkray stove range. The heat output ranges from 8 kW up to 15 kW and it comes with a multifuel/wood burning option, single/double doors and the options to add a boiler system, it literally has everything. Oh yes, there is also a double sided single depth option!

•    Parkray Consort 15 Stove
•    Parkray Consort 15 Double Sided Single Depth Stove


It is not difficult to see why the Parkray range of wood-burning/multifuel stoves is proving to be very popular. The company may have taken some time to design and manufacture the range but it has certainly been time well spent. We will be adding more Parkray stoves and spare parts to our website so if you have an interest in any of the range, or require Parkray spare parts, please feel free to contact us.

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