Range of Vision E Line Electric Fires

The growing popularity of Vision E Line electric fires is in many ways a sign of the times. Even though wood-burning and multifuel stoves continue to remain popular, there has been renewed interest in electric fires in recent years. Initially this market was poorly covered by the major stove companies but times are certainly changing.

So, what has prompted a move towards electric fires and what should you expect from the range of Vision E Line electric fires.

The environment

It is no secret that there has been, and continues to be, a huge move towards more environmentally friendly products and services. One of the main focuses of regulations over the last few years has been the stove industry. While it would be unfair to suggest that stove companies showed no interest in electric fires prior to this move, their interest has certainly increased as regulations have tightened.

There are now more smoke controlled areas in the UK than ever before, strict regulations covering emissions from wood-burning/multifuel stoves and the situation is only going to get worse. The use of electric fires is for many people a more palatable environmental option even if the heat capacity is not really comparable. However, those who acquire electric fires are not necessarily buying them for their primary heating source.

ERP compliant

On the subject of environmentally friendly products and services, it is important to note that the range of Vision E Line electric fires is ERP compliant. This term relates to “energy-related products” and there are now very strict laws. Did you know that installers/manufacturers that produce or install non-ERP compliant products could face legal action and even criminal prosecution?

These regulations are all part of the previous EU target of reducing greenhouse emissions. While many politicians flatter to deceive, there is no doubt that the UK government and their EU counterparts have managed to reduce emissions due to new regulations. It is highly likely this trend will continue for some time to come.

Electric fire display

As you will see from the range of Vision E Line electric fires they come in a standard panoramic style. However, a free conversion kit allows you to adjust this style to either a corner or front facing fire. While the product itself is extremely well manufactured, efficient and very easy on the eye, there is no doubt the ability to change styles free of charge is an additional attraction.

Central to the wood-burning, multifuel and electric fire experience is the ability to watch the flickering flames and the burning embers while you relax and drift off to sleep. Extended viewing areas are all part and parcel of a Vision E Line electric fire and that is before we even get to the LED displays!

Flickering flames and burning embers

It is a perfect example of the quality and the look of Vision E Line electric fires that you need to get fairly close to realise it is an electric fire, not a wood-burning/multifuel stove. Those who have acquired any of the Vision E Line electric fires on offer will tell you that the online images don’t do the product full justice. So what does the range actually have to offer?

LED effect

The atmosphere and the ambience created by Vision E Line electric fires are second to none. The flickering flames catch your eye, the high definition log set looks very natural and the combined effect is breath-taking. As if this wasn’t enough, there is a modulating LED under and above the fuel bed emphasising the “flickering flames and burning embers”. If this image does not relax you then nothing will!

Wall mountable

In many ways flexibility is the key to a successful electric fire range and it is safe to say Vision E Line electric fires offer that in abundance. Not only can you switch the panoramic view to corner or front facing but the electric fires are also wall mountable. The overall package includes the relevant brackets so that you can literally place your electric fire anywhere in your room.

Controlling your Vision E Line electric fire

Well, where do we start? Do we start with the infrared remote control, thermostatic control option or the timer? Vision E Line electric fires really do offer you flexibility and control above and beyond what you would normally expect.

At the flick of a switch, or the press of your remote control, your electric fire comes alive. Many people prefer to use the timer function so that there electric fire is switched on and creating heat before they arrive. Either way, the heat output is between 0.75 kW and 1.5 kW which will take the chill off a small to medium sized room.

More than 65 years of experience

Over the years we have seen numerous stove companies come and go, brands rise and fall for a number of reasons. What is interesting with Vision Fires is not only the fact they have more than 65 years of experience in the industry, but they work at their own pace. Some companies have historically been guilty of rushing new products to the market; this is not the case with Vision E Line. After all, why would you want to build up more than 65 years of experience and ruin this with the early release of substandard electric fires?

This is a company which fully respects options, consumer trends and the latest regulations. You’ll see that the range of Vision E Line electric fires come with numerous additions. Whatever the colour, style and make-up of your room, there will be something available to create that seamless blend.

Products in the Vision E Line electric fire range

Here at Bowland Stoves we have access to a huge range of wood-burning, multifuel and electric fires. One of the more popular types of electric fire at the moment is the Vision E Line range. We currently stock the following machines:-

Vision E Line VEL75 electric fire

The Vision E Line VEL75 electric fire is the smaller of the Vision E Line products we offer at the moment. In what seems a world away from the old style three bar electric fires, the image and the efficiency of this machine is exceptional. We know that many people prefer the Vision E Line VEL75 electric fire as a secondary source of heat. If you are yet to succumb to the new electric fire craze, we recommend checking out the Vision E Line VEL75 electric fire. We know you will like it!

Vision E Line VEL90 electric fire

The Vision E Line VEL90 electric fire is the mid-range product in the company’s range of electric fires. As we touched on above, for many people it is the image of an electric fire which makes the difference. When considering the decorative nature of the Vision E Line VEL90 electric fire it is easy to forget the heat output of between 0.75 kW and 1.5 kW. This is not just a decoration piece; this is an electric fire which will take the chill from small to medium-size rooms.

Vision E Line VEL140 electric fire

The largest in the Vision E Line electric fire range, the Vision E Line VEL140 electric fire is both eye-catching and impressive. The first thing which hits you is the extended viewing area, encouraging you to sit back, relax and take off those shoes. Whether you are looking for a panoramic view, perhaps converting to a corner style or front facing, the option is yours. Rest assured, these machines are even more mesmerising in real life than the images you see before you.


Vision Fires is a company that has more than 65 years’ experience in the heating industry, an ability to read markets and deliver. While there are obvious heating capacity differences between the electric fire market and wood-burning/multifuel stoves, there are no such issues with design. Indeed, many would argue that the Vision E Line range of electric fires offer more options, more flexibility and a greater range of accessories.

As we focus on the look and feel of the Vision E Line electric fire range it is important to remember they offer heat output of between 0.75 kW and 1.5 kW. While relatively low output compared to higher capacity wood-burning/multifuel stoves, this is still enough to take the chill off a room.

With a simple flick of the switch, or programming of your remote control, you can have instant heat and a relaxing vision before you. If you have any questions or queries regarding the Vision E Line electric fire range, please feel free to contact us.