New ACR Electric Stoves

It is very interesting to see the new range of ACR Electric stoves as the company continues to build on its very impressive product range. Even though it is common knowledge that electric stoves are not for everybody, we know that demand is growing as their popularity increases. Will they ever replace wood-burning/multifuel stoves? No, but they can be a very useful alternative for those with limited space who are looking for a decorative well-designed heating system.

Old style electric stoves still muddy the water

Despite the millions of pounds invested in electric stoves by an array of UK based companies, for many people the image of old three bar electric fires are ingrained in their mind. The reality is that the modern day electric stove is extremely stylish, very efficient and until you step up close it can be difficult to tell the difference compared to a wood, multifuel and gas stove. We know that electric stoves are not for everybody but the ongoing market trends indicate there is growing demand. If there is growing demand then companies such as ACR will look to satisfy the appetite of consumers.

ACR electric stoves

The beauty of companies such as ACR is the fact that they are unwilling and unable to put their reputation on the line for substandard products. As a consequence, we know that whatever type of new stove they release, whether it is wood-burning, multifuel, gas or electric, it will be of extremely high quality. So, when the company announced the launch of two new electric stoves, with limited detail available at the time of writing, we knew it would be worth the wait.

ACR Trinity Electric Stove

We know the ACR Trinity brand of stoves and therefore the fact that the company was willing to introduce the ACR Trinity Electric Stove indicates they mean business. However, they have gone much further than just using the name of a well-known brand they have replicated the design in exact detail. As a consequence, the ACR Trinity Electric Stove has the same look, design and presence as its wood-burning/multifuel counterparts. It is more than just an “electric fire” as it looks the part and is extremely easy on the eye.

ACR Electric Stoves
ACR Electric Stoves

While awaiting further information about the electric stove it is safe to say that the heat output will be relatively low compared to other types of stove. However, it will still be enough to take the chill off a small to medium sized room and at the flick of a button it is ready to go. For many people this is the beauty of an electric stove, the fact that you can simply flick a switch and feel the heat. Interestingly, as with other types of ACR stoves, there is also the option to use a remote control or even a smartphone app for those more technically minded!

ACR Neo 3C Electric Stove

The launch of the ACR Neo 3C Electric Stove has caused quite a stir amongst stove enthusiasts with its very eye-catching design and use of the latest modern day technology. As with the ACR Trinity Electric Stove; you have the option of using a remote control when in the vicinity or a smartphone app wherever in the world you may be. Isn’t that bizarre, the ability to literally switch on, switch off and adjust the various controls of your ACR Neo 3C Electric Stove via a mobile phone app?

ACR Neo 3C Electric Stove
ACR Neo 3C Electric Stove

You will see from the ACR Electric stove literature that this particular model is targeted at open plan living spaces and conservatories. What you will also notice is the side glass panels as well as the large front glass panel. When we see wood-burning/multifuel stoves with this design it very often causes a stir, so we can imagine what electric stove enthusiasts are thinking. Manufactured from lightweight steel this machine is also extremely durable with a matt-black powder coat finish adding a further element of protection. There is also the opportunity to acquire a decorative flue pipe kit, black glass top and choice of two black glass hearths. This is before we even begin to consider the extra light from the machine as a consequence of the side panels. You can pretty much guarantee that those in the vicinity will appreciate the design before they even notice it is an electric stove.

The dimensions of the ACR Neo 3C Electric Stove are height 1067 mm, width 490 mm with a depth of 390 mm. The heat output is relatively modest compared to wood-burning/multifuel stoves at between 1 kW and 2 kW but will still remove the chill of any small to medium size room. The machine weighs a relatively light 45 kg and while electric stoves will always be overshadowed by their alternative fuel counterparts, this is one of the most stylish and eye-catching we have seen so far. Whether we see increased interest in electric stoves as a consequence of government environmental policies remains to be seen. However, until you have seen one of the ACR electric stoves, do not discount them from your thoughts entirely.


It is only when companies like ACR are willing to put their reputation on the line for electric stoves that you realise the industry is changing. The stereotypical image of years gone by has been smashed, replaced by new well-designed, eye-catching and extremely efficient electric stoves. The fact that companies such as ACR have used the same designs as those on popular wood-burning/multifuel stoves says everything. They are serious, things are getting competitive and choice for consumers is certainly growing.

We know that electric stoves will not be for everybody but they offer a very useful practical, decorative and eye-catching alternative. We strongly recommend visiting a showroom near you so you can see them in the real world. Whether or not you would be able to recognise an electric stove from those using more traditional types of fuel is debatable. If you have any questions or queries regarding ACR electric stoves, or electric stoves in general, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.