Electric stoves have come a long way in a short time

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Thanks to the mass media’s incompetent reporting of new government regulations regarding wet wood and solid fuel, there is a trend building towards electric stoves. The fact that wood-burning and multifuel stoves will not be banned has unfortunately been lost in the incorrect headline grabbing titles published by many media outlets. So, this brings us onto the subject of electric stoves which have for many years been hidden away in the shadow of wood-burning/multifuel options.

It is safe to say that electric stoves have come a long way in a short time and many consumers are now looking towards this area of the market as a viable alternative. So, what can you expect from a modern day electric stove?

Electric stove designs

The box standard electric stove design of years ago has given way to 2 distinct groups, traditional designs and contemporary designs. The reality is that you will find it difficult to distinguish between an electric stove and a wood-burning/multifuel stove until you are in touching distance (although don’t touch them as they will be hot!). Think of it from a manufacturer’s point of view, they have created some of the most stunning stove designs seen in recent times so why change these? This is why many of the bestselling wood-burning/multifuel stove designs have been replicated for electric stoves.studio-electric-glass-2-mi

Electric stove efficiency

When you mention electric stoves to many people their first impression is of the historic three bar electric stove. The reality is that this type of machine has been placed in the dustbin of history and replaced by some ingenious electric stoves. Many people fail to realise that an electric stove is 100% efficient which compares favourably even to wood-burning/multifuel stoves which have high efficiency ratings of around 80%. These are obviously very different machines but every element of fuel (in this case electric) is reflected in the heat output. Nothing is lost via chimneys, flues and other escape hatches.

No installation costs

While it is obviously essential to ensure that any wood-burning/multifuel stove is installed correctly, there are no such costs with regards to electric stove. It is simply a case of pickup, put down anywhere next to a power supply and switch it on. As a consequence, unlike some cases with a wood-burning/multifuel stove there are extremely few restrictions as to where you can place your electric stove. Indeed, if you decide to have your electric stove in different rooms during different seasons the option is yours. Perhaps place your electric stove in the conservatory during the wintertime and back in your main living room in the summertime. This degree of flexibility is often overlooked by those considering a wood-burning, multifuel or electric stove.Broseley Desire Inset Electric Stove Fire

No harmful emissions

There are no direct harmful emissions from an electric stove because it is a very different way of heating the atmosphere around you. While environmentalists would probably highlight the fact that the electricity need to power an electric stove creates a degree of emissions, this can be said with any power source. So, if you are living in a smoke controlled area then the introduction of an electric stove will not even touch on the local regulations about the use of wood-burning/multifuel stoves. As a consequence, this has created a potentially larger market for electric stoves although it has to be said that many stove enthusiasts are still romantically attached to the ambience and the deep seated heat more traditional stoves create.

Price differential

We live in a world where price is everything and it is safe to say that the cost of an electric stove compares favourably to a wood-burning/multifuel counterpart. There are electric stoves you can buy for under £100 but these are extremely basic with no recognisable design. This area of the electric stove market will not incorporate the latest in electric stove technology or design initiatives. The truth is that you get what you pay for so if you are looking for a stylish well-designed electric stove with some longevity then there is certainly a huge choice out there for you. Feel free to give us a call about your electric stove requirements and we can talk you through the options available and the various price ranges.

ACR Electric Stoves
ACR Electric Stoves

New technology

To say that an electric stove is easy to use is perhaps an understatement. It is simply a case of flicking the switch, turning the dial to your preferred heat output and you are off and running. That said; modern day electric stoves also tend to come with their own remote control which allows you to sit back, enjoy the heat and relax. Yes, the heat may be different to that from a wood-burning/multifuel stove but you will still feel it!

The improvements in electric stove technology also mean that your room will be heated much quicker. There are now a variety of different fuel beds available which quite literally look the part. So whether you are looking for a coal fuel bed, wood fuel bed or you prefer one of the modern LED variations there is certainly a lot to choose from. Due to recent innovations it is now possible to even control the height, colour and type of flame you see. When you bear in mind that for many people it is the flickering flames and the “burning embers” which attracted them to the stove industry, this is a useful addition.

Can we expect significant investment by manufacturers?

The reality is that many of the leading stove manufacturers in the UK do have an array of electric stoves in their portfolio. The fact that these are not really pushed into the forefront of the consumer market is perhaps a reflection of the historically low demand from consumers. Hopefully, the old image of the three bar electric fire is long gone and we can now focus on the latest in electric stoves which incorporate stunning designs and an array of new technology. There are plans from many stove manufacturers to either add electric stoves to their portfolio or increase the variations which are there already.


Thankfully the image of the modern day electric stove has changed dramatically in recent times. Gone are the out of date automatic assumptions of the traditional three bar electric fire to be replaced by a vibrant, well-designed and durable machine. Even though in general heat output is less than larger wood-burning/multifuel stoves, all electric stoves are more efficient than their counterparts. So there is mobility, lower price points, new technology and the use of popular wood-burning/multifuel stove designs. This is making it nigh on impossible to spot the difference between a traditional stove and an electric stove from a distance. Who would have forecast that 10 years ago?broseley-winchester-electric-stove 320x320