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Hunter / Parkray Riddling Bar Upper - MKII

Hunter / Parkray Riddling Bar Upper - MKII




Product Description

Hunter / Parkray Riddling Bar Upper - MKII

Suitable for
Eco 2 (takes 5 bars)
Eco 6 (takes 6 bars)
Eco Inset 5 (takes 4 bars)
Avalon 4 (takes 5 bars)
Avalon 6 (takes 6 bars)
Avalon Inset 5 (takes 4 bars)
Consort 4 (takes 4 bars)
Consort 5 (takes 5 bars)
Consort 7 (takes 6 bars)
Chevin 5 Inset (takes 4 bars)
Telford 5 Inset (takes 4 bars)
Snderskoven 5 Inset (takes 4 bars)
Skagen (takes 6 bars)
Norreskoven MK1 (takes 5 bars)
Lovenholm MK1 (takes 5 bars) but only if the rear support is cast, please see part number CNS06002 if rear support is steel.

Part Number: CNS04013

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