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Arada Holborn Gas Stove



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The new Arada Holborn Gas Medium Stove is proving to be extremely popular and it is not difficult to see why. Those who follow the wood-burning and multifuel stove market will be well aware of the rebirth of gas stoves across the UK. There is no doubt that there is huge demand for gas stoves and the ability to use both natural gas and LPG is proving to be a great selling point. So, what do you get with the Arada Holborn Gas Medium Stove?

At first glance it is difficult to spot the difference between a wood-burning/multifuel stove and a gas stove, especially with the Arada Holborn Gas Medium Stove. You still have the flickering flames and the burning embers although it is only when you get close-up that you recognise the slight difference. This particular model has dimensions of width 485 mm, height 637 mm with a depth of 375 mm. This stove is available in Slate, Sandcastle, Mist, Atlantic, Spice, Chestnut and Midnight colours. That is some range!

When looking at the technical specifications, the Arada Holborn Gas Medium Stove has heat output of 4.5 kW and is available in both natural gas and LPG models. Many people describe this as an orthodontic “woodburner” in appearance but obviously fuelled by gas. The beauty of gas is that the flames and the heat can be changed in an instant and the body of the stove comes with a lifetime guarantee. The clear view glass screen ensures that you have maximum visibility to watch the flickering flames over the lifelike log fuel bed. Like so many stoves today, the Arada Holborn Gas Medium Stove also comes with a childproof remote control, conventional flue and a top fitting flue connector.

The gas stoves of today are nowhere near those of 10 years ago as the technology has improved dramatically. So, check out the latest Arada Holborn Gas Stove and we guarantee you will be amazed and wonder why you hadn’t considered it before.

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