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ACR Neo 3F Gas Stove

ACR Neo 3F Gas Stove



Internal Back Panel Option
LED Lighting Kit Option
Fuel Option
Balanced Flue Kit Options
Black Glass Top Plate

Product Description

As gas stoves ago, the ACR Neo 3F Gas Stove is at home in any environment, contemporary, traditional or a mix of the two. It looks and feels like a modern day wood-burning/multifuel stove but is obviously powered by gas (natural gas or LPG). It is extremely difficult to spot that the logs are ceramic unless you are literally touching the machine. There is also the option to add an LED light system which adds yet another authentic glow, this time to the base of the ceramic logs. The addition of an optional black glass panel enhances the look and feel of the stove by reflecting the flames more intensely. It is rather ironic that a significant increase in the popularity of wood-burning/multifuel stoves has pushed the design and look of gas stoves down a particular path. So much so that it is difficult to tell any difference from a distance!

The ACR Neo 3F Gas Stove has dimensions of height 792 mm, width 490 mm with a depth of 390 mm. The input is 8.2 kW with 6.75 kW output and a more than acceptable efficiency rating of 82.3%. This machine uses a balanced flue system and weighs in at 80 kg. For those who have not come across a balanced flue system this is relatively straightforward. The stove is room sealed which means that the air required to feed the flames for combustion are drawn in from the outside of the flue pipe. The gases created as a consequence of the combustion process are expelled through the inner flue pipe. The range of modern day gas stoves has increased dramatically to the point that whatever style of multifuel/wood burning stove you like, there will be an exact gas replica. For those who like modern day technology with a twist, you can use a traditional remote-controlled to operate your stove or add an app to your smart phone and have your gas stove up and running for you stepping in the door! Who said the stove industry does not appreciate the latest in technology?

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