Arada Holborn Gas Medium Stove

Arada Holborn Gas Medium Stove

The best stove companies on the ones that are able to spot trends very quickly and introduce new products at a relatively early stage. So, when the Arada Holborn Gas Medium Stove was released it is fair to say that Arada were well aware of the changing trends and the growing popularity of gas stoves. The next challenge was to create a machine which effectively mimicked a wood burner/multifuel stove, giving the same look and feel, but was fuelled by gas. Tricky!

Step forward the Arada Holborn Gas Medium Stove

Even the merest of glimpses at the Arada Holborn Gas Medium Stove confirms this is a traditional machine with what is certainly an enlarged viewing area. We know that wood-burning/multifuel stove enthusiasts are mesmerised by extended viewing areas. So why should this be any different for a gas stove?

The dimensions of this particular model come in at width 485 mm, height 637 mm with a depth of 375 mm. The machine has an energy rating of 1 (gas) offering an adjustable heat output and flame height. In order to maximise popularity, the Arada Holborn Gas Medium Stove is available in natural gas and LPG models. The conventional flue has a top fitting of 127 mm (5 inches) and there is a lifetime guarantee on the stove body. This model comes in seven different colours giving room to personalise your purchase. You can choose between Slate, Sandcastle, Mist, Atlantic, Spice, Chestnut and Midnight.

Lifestyle choice

The look and design of the Arada Holborn Gas Medium Stove is fairly traditional but the machine also comes with a simple to use remote control. Yes, you can sit back and let your gas stove become a focal point/discussion starter while controlling from a distance. As the number and variation of gas stoves continues to grow, it is often a breath of fresh air to move back towards a traditional look and feel. The heat output is 4.5 kW which is more than enough to heat a small to medium sized room and the fact that heat changes are instant is a game changer for many people.

It is difficult enough finding a stove which suits your style let alone one which is perfect for your heat output requirements. The Arada Holborn Gas Medium Stove offers both of those details for a small to medium sized rooms. The simple flick of a switch, adjust your controls and hey presto heat at your fingertips!

More gas stoves to follow

As we saw a growing trend in widescreen stoves, there is no doubt that we will see more gas stoves announced in the weeks and months ahead. This is an area of the UK market which has to all intents and purposes remained relatively untapped for some time. We believe the time is now to push gas stoves, to introduce clients to this new source of fuel and basically see what they think. If you put power into the hands of consumers they very rarely make any mistakes!

It is safe to say that the Arada Holborn Gas Medium Stove is already a winner.