ACR Woodpecker Range

Over the years we don’t see an abundance of new stoves from ACR but the quality far out ways the need for newness. ACR Heat Products as a company has some history behind them in the stove industry with experience and knowledge of over 35 years. Now the latest range, the Woodpeckers is one of the most modern and popular stove range on the market now with its contemporary clean edges and simple aesthetics these stoves have proven to be ever so popular. Now its time to get down to the nitty gritty and dive deeper into each stove!

Woodpecker WP4 and WP4LS Woodburning Stove

Even though the WP4 is the smallest in the range, do not underestimate what is hidden within. With the impressive heat output of up to 5kW, you are left wondering how ACR have fit all the modern technology into such a compact stove. Even at first glimpse you will see the striking large viewing window and the contemporary look and that will be enough to help you imagine the glowing embers on a cool Winters night. And not only that, but this model is also available on a log store which gives you added height and could be perfect as a freestanding stove in the corner of a room. When looking for a small stove at an exceptional price then look no further than the WP4 stove!

ACR Woodpecker WP4LS Woodburning Stove - 4kw

Woodpecker WP5 and WP5 Plus Multifuel Stove

The expectations of the WP5 and WP5 Plus when coming onto the market were extremely high and you can see why. With its expanded viewing window and modern aesthetics this stove has soon become one of our best sellers. It is not only the looks that the customer gets drawn to but the price as well. You really are getting a lot of modern technology for your money. The WP5 is available is two sizes, the standard and the plus, with the plus you are getting a widescreen version which gives you more window to stare through when those flames are glowing. Not only do you get all that but they both give off a heat output of 5kW which is more than capable of warming a medium sized room.

ACR Woodpecker WP5 Plus Multifuel Stove - 5kw

Woodpecker WP5Q-LS and WP5Q-P Multifuel Stove

The two newest additions to the Woodpecker range are the WP5Q-LS and the WP5Q-P, which take the classic WP5 and put a contemporary twist on them by adding a log store or a pedestal. Either of these two additions create a sleek, modern stove that would look perfect standing free in any room. With the added height you get an even better view of the dancing flames through the ever-popular large viewing window. With all the stunning looks taken into consideration, its time to get down to the heat output which is a nominal of 5kW but with the right fuel you can get a massive 7kW out of it which is more than capable of heating a large room. Like all the Woodpecker range, it is Ecodesign ready which makes them, amongst others, very efficient stoves.

ACR Woodpecker WP5Q-LS Mutlifuel Stove - 5kw

If you still have any questions regarding the Woodpecker range then please don’t hesitate to contact us via email, telephone, text, what’s app or live chat!