How to efficiently heat your home

How to efficiently heat the home

With the variety of stove and fire options available on the market, choosing a stove can seem like a complicated process. Devon-based stove brand Arada are here to share their insight on how to make the most of your heating.

Use a timer

It is cost effective to only heat your home when you truly need it. For gas stoves and electric fires with adjustable heat settings at the touch of a button, an easy way to ensure your living room is at the correct temperature when you need it is by setting a timer. Rather than getting home and waiting for the heating to come on, set a pre-programmed timer to ensure your home is at optimal temperature.

Allow heat to spread

Central heating systems can be costly, so with wood burning stoves, gas fires or electric fires, let the warm air spread throughout your home by simply opening the doors of your living room. This will force airflow to other rooms and share the heat without the need to turn the heating on.

Choose the correct fuel

For your stove to function efficiently, ensure you are burning the correct fuel. For wood burning stoves, ensure you are using seasoned, low-moisture content wood over wet wood as this can lead to an increase in smoke, whilst also causing a soot build-up in your flue – resulting in less heat output and efficiency. Ensure you install an Ecodesign Ready stove for maximum efficiency.

Maintain the temperature

Once your wood burning stove is stoked, maintain an efficient temperature to ensure heat longevity. Be careful when adding more fuel as if your fire isn’t burning hot enough, the extra wood won’t catch fire, whilst on the other hand, adding too much fuel at one time can mean you’ll burn through it faster and the heat will simply escape through the chimney. Maintaining the heat will result in a much warmer room temperature, for longer. The temperature of a gas stove or electric fire is easier more straightforward and requires less maintenance.
Whether you’re looking for a traditional wood burning stove or a modern electric fireplace, Arada Stoves offers an array of sizes and styles, with a choice of 11 different colours available across select models. Learn more about their range here.