Why you should avoid cheap stove spare parts

Is it time to upgrade your stove?

The old adage, if it looks too good to be true then it probably is too good to be true fits many areas of everyday life. It is also applicable when looking for stove replacement parts because sometimes you will come across cheap products which do look too good to be true. So, why should you avoid cheap stove spare parts and what are the potential consequences?

Built for your specific machine

There is no doubt that from time to time you will come across adverts promoting stove spare parts which fit specific machines even though they are not from the officially licensed spare parts range. In order to catch your attention these companies will undercut the official price of the spare part to save you a few pounds. We’re not suggesting that all companies who offer alternative spare parts are making untrue claims but the fact is that the only spare part you can trust is the one made by those who manufacture the stove.


If you think about it, those who actually manufactured the stove will know the machine inside out, how it works, how parts change over the years and which areas are prone to general wear and tear. This information will be reflected in the spare parts made available which will be manufactured to the highest standards and manufactured to last.

Inferior materials

While some companies offering alternative spare parts will have effectively copied every element of the official spare part, not all companies are so professional. Time and time again we come across spare parts on online auction sites which appear to be professionally manufactured but are often found to use inferior materials. The use of inferior materials can allow companies to reduce the price to very attractive levels but this is in basic terms a false economy. At best the spare part will not be as durable as the official spare part and at worst it could actually be dangerous.

Stove companies are always on the lookout for manufacturers offering alternative spare parts or those purporting to sell official spare parts when they prove to be fakes. When you bear in mind the number of stoves in the UK, not to mention worldwide, he spares market is a large and growing market which has proven extremely lucrative for the fraudsters.


Always have safety in mind

As we touched on above, many alternative or fake stove spare parts will be made from substandard materials and at best they will not be as durable as the official spare parts and at worst they could be unsafe. In the modern world it is very easy to be overcome by cost savings but when you bear in mind the extreme heat which the modern day stove produces, each part of that stove is specifically built to retain as much heat as possible and ensure the machine is safe. It only takes one substandard “spare part” to fail and this could have a material impact upon the life of your stove not to mention the safety of you and your family.

So, while sometimes it may seem as though you are paying a few pounds extra for an official spare part compared to “alternative parts” it is worth remembering about value for money, durability and safety.