Portway Stoves

Portway is one of the newer brands to Bowland Stoves Ltd. The company began in the early 1800’s when the owner took inspiration from the stoves that appeared in the late 1700’s in North America. He started by manufacturing stoves to heat his own shop and his neighbours. As they were so successful, the Portway stoves lasted up until the 1980’s with no change at all. The one thing that set this range of stoves apart from the rest was the efficiency. As slow burning stoves, they extract the maximum amount of heat from the fuel used to give a high efficiency in the home.

Arundel Stoves

The Arundel collection consists of 3 different stoves, The Arundel, The Arundel Deluxe and the Arundel XL. All 3 stoves are manufactured with high quality and efficiency in mind. They have the perfect combination of stunning aesthetics, high functionality, and recognition of the environment that Portway as a brand are happy to represent. Be prepared to be blown away by these stoves lustrous and contemporary design. Alongside all this, it has a nice big viewing window which you can enjoy the flames on a cold winters evening.

Luxima Stoves

Now onto the Luxima Stoves, there are two different stoves in this collection but the only difference is the base. One gives off more a of a traditional feel whilst the other keeps the stove looking contemporary. The design of this stove leads it to becoming very popular within the industry, with its steel body, large viewing window encased in a cast iron door and the attractive silver handle to give that extra bit of detail. As always, these stoves are compliant with all regulations including Ecodesign.

Rochester 5 and 7 Stoves

The Rochester stoves takes us back in time in terms of the aesthetics but by no means in technology. It is brimmed with extraordinary features starting with the impressive airwash system which will ensure your glass is kept crystal clear so no matter what you can enjoy the dancing flames. Every single detail and thought that has been put into these stoves helps to create the perfect ambience within your home but not only this with an amazing 4.9kW heat output it will be sure to keep you warm and cosy.

P1 and P2 Contemporary Stoves

Last but not least we have the P1 and P2 contemporary stoves with their sleek lines and timeless looks, these two stoves will look perfect in any room. Don’t be surprised by the petite stance this stove has as it can still definitely pack a punch when it comes to heating a room. It has a heat output of 4.9kW which is more than enough for a small to medium sized room. Not only does it have all that, but you can also choose between various bases – standard legs, low legs, high legs or a log store.

If you are interested in any of the above stoves, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email, telephone, text, what’s app or live chat or go ahead and order online by following the respective links.