Innovation from Aarrow

The new I series cassette stove by Aarrow has a heat convection system. This system is ideal for providing extra heat into the room.

The cooler air from the environment is drawn into the chamber at the base of the stove. As the air goes around the back of the stove, the air is warmed up and then this warm air leaves the stove and enters the room at the top of the stove.

Pre-Heated Airwash

The air wash system works by directing a stream of hot air evenly across the glass window of the stove. This provides a shield between the glass and the fire chamber which helps reduce the build up of tar and other chemical emissions which helps minimise the glass from going black allowing a clear viewing window of the flames.

Secondary Burn

The secondary Burn system controls the air within the stove. It circulates the air around the stove allowing any un-burnt gasses to re-ignite and burn generating extra heat.

Tertiary burn

This tertiary burn system is used for burning wood it allows hot oxygen into the fire box to re-ignite any un-burnt gases resulting in a higher stove efficiency allowing a cleaner environment and minimising the build up of tar within the chimney lining reducing the risk of chimney fires.

Primary Air Diversion System(PADS)

This Primary Air Diversion System (PADS) is a unique system to Aarrow stoves. This system allows maximum efficiency and is better for the environment. This allows an under draft of air beneath solid fuel and an over draught for wood which allows both types of fuel to burn to their optimum.