Is the trend going to be Gas and Electric Stoves this year?

We have certainly noticed a rise in interest in Gas and Electric stoves this year but why is that…

Gas Stoves:

The gas stoves on the market now are definitely worlds away from the gas stoves you would get years ago. The manufacturers have excelled with making them look as realistic as possible, with the large viewing windows and eye-catching designs. So lets take a look at some pros and cons:

– Instant heat: with the flick of a remote you have heat, albeit not as great as a real fire but still a definite positive if you require fast heat.

 – Controllability: obviously a gas stove is a lot more controllable than a real fire as many modern day gas stoves now come with a remote control and/or a mobile phone app to control the heat.

– Expense: in the majority of cases the cost of installation of a gas stove is just as expensive as a woodburning/multifuel stove, sometimes more.

– Cost of stove: this is something to also consider because in many brands the gas stoves are more costly than the woodburning/multifuel version.

– Non-renewable fuel: we live in a world now where we are fighting to save the planet. Unlike, wood and smokeless fuel, gas is not a renewable source of heat.

Electric Stoves:

It is fair to say electric stoves are also becoming increasingly popular again. With improvements to technology manufacturers have been able to make them look more and more realistic. We will now take a look at the pros and cons:

– Ease of installation: electric stoves are just a case of plug and go so basically no installation costs.

– Heat Output: whilst you will get instant heat, the output on an electric stove is limited to around 2kW normally.

– Efficiency: as no chimney etc. is needed all the heat stays in the room making an electric stove very efficient.

– Fan: as the looks and technology on electric stoves are always improving, the sound of the fan can be off putting to some people.

– Power cuts: in the last few years, power cuts are set to become more common which could leave you in a sticky situation with no heat.

Whether you are looking for a woodburning, multifuel, gas or electric stove, there are many factors to take into consideration. Where there has been massive improvements in gas and electric technology, do they compare to the ambience and deep seated heat created by a real fire?