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ACR Wychwood Gas Stove



Fuel Option
Balanced Flue Kit Options
Back Panel Option
Remote Control Option

Product Description

It is interesting to see that demand for wood-burning and multifuel stoves have both increased demand for gas stoves and led to significant improvements. For example the ACR Wychwood Gas Stove looks and feels like a traditional wood-burning/multifuel stove, with ceramic logs, but is actually a gas stove. Incorporating the reliability of gas fuel with the look and feel of a wood-burning/multifuel stove has proven to be a real winner for ACR. Did we also mention the remote control and smart phone app? What more can you ask for?

This particular stove is available in natural gas and LPG versions for use with a balanced flue. The heat capacity is 6.1 kW and it has a relatively high efficiency rating of 85%. Interestingly, there is the option to add an optional black glass panel which actually reflects the flames to a greater intensity. The stove is 602 mm high, 555 mm wide with a depth of 347 mm. The weight is a relatively modest 80 kg and it is safe to say it looks and feels the part. It is rather ironic that the quality and look of gas stoves has been moulded by the ever increasing popularity of wood-burning/multifuel stoves. We are at the point now where it is difficult to notice the difference until you are literally touching the stove!

Balanced Flue Only

Net Gas Input - 7.1 kW

Net Gas Output - 6.1 kW

Supplied as standard with Puck Remote Control. Upgrade available to Symex Remote Control.

Optional MYFIRE package, allowing operation from smart phone / tablet (also requires a 240 volt mains supply)

Optional Black Glass internal back panel.

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