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ACR Woodpecker WP5 Multifuel Stove - 5kw



Outside Airkit

Product Description

It is not difficult to see why expectations are extremely high for the ACR Woodpecker WP5 wood-burning/multifuel stove. Able to burn wood and smokeless/solid fuels there is certainly growing demand for this type of machine in the modern era. Like so many of the quality multifuel stoves available today, the ACR Woodpecker WP5 is also DEFRA approved for burning wood in smoke-controlled areas. As the environment continues to dominate both business and social media headlines, we will only see more DEFRA approved areas emerging going forward.

The ACR Woodpecker WP5 multifuel stove has a classic design. The one theme you will notice instantly is the expanded viewing area which is proving extremely popular. This is a trend which began some months ago and is certainly picking up pace. Constructed from steel and cast-iron the stove is built to last. EcoDesign ready years before the actual regulations coming into place, the power and the influence of ACR in the multifuel/wood-burning stove market is there for all to see. This is a company which also takes its time rather than pandering to short-term trends in consumer demand. The result is there for all to see, a quality machine in the shape of the ACR Woodpecker WP5 multifuel/wood-burning stove.

When looking at specifications, the ACR Woodpecker WP5 stove has dimensions of height of 550 mm, width 420 mm with a depth of 314 mm. The machine weighs in at 70 kg with a flue diameter of 125 mm and an efficiency rating of 76.6 gross and 78.8 net. This is a 5 kW nominal stove with a minimum output of 2.5 kW and maximum output of 7 kW - perfect for small to medium sized rooms. The machine has a log length of 40 cm and an EEI classification for eco-labelling 2018 of A+. It just shows, the traditional design and look of the ACR Woodpecker WP5 hides the latest in wood-burning/multifuel technology. Enjoy!

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