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48" Dark Oak GeoCast Beam

Online Catalogue | Fireplace Products | GeoCast Beams |  48" Dark Oak GeoCast Beam



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PRODUCT REF: 0704019
Dimensions: (H)140 x (W)1220 x (D)105mm

Many people will look at the 48" Dark Oak GeoCast Beam and automatically assume this is made from aged oak, such is the instant visual and style it gives to your room. It is in fact made from a relatively new material which is composed of natural inorganic materials, is non-toxic and does not burn. As we are dealing with modern day stoves which are extremely efficient and reach high temperatures in the burning process, the 48" Dark Oak GeoCast Beam is just what the doctor ordered. However, there is more!

This fireplace beam/mantle has an array of downlights which perfectly lights the background to your stove and the machine itself. You can imagine the scene, the dark nights are drawing in, you are settled in front of the fireplace and you switch off the lights. The backlight becomes even stronger, your stove is the centre of the room and you can quite literally sit back, kick-off those shoes and relax. This is one of those products which you really do have to see to believe, the wood effect style look so natural, the downlights are a beautiful touch and your stove is once again the centre of attention.

Online Catalogue | Fireplace Products | GeoCast Beams |  48" Dark Oak GeoCast Beam