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Gazco Riva2 55 Inset Electric Fire

Even though wood-burning and multifuel stoves tend to grab the headlines it is no surprise to see an increase in the popularity of electric fires over the last couple of years. Companies such as Gazco have experience which very few other companies can match hence the reason why they are able to create a range of electric fires which offer everything you will ever need.

As you will see from the images, the design of the Gazco Riva2 range of electric fires is based around a square design which offers clean and contemporary lines and ensures the focuses is all about the fire itself.

What should you expect from your Gazco Riva2 55 Inset Electric Fire?

As you would expect from a fire which is powered by electric it is literally just a flick of a switch and you are ready to go. It is also worth noting that the efficiency of the Gazco Riva2 55 Inset Electric Fire is 99% which ensures that you get maximum value for money. This particular model has a one touch heat option with two adjustable heat settings together with the ability to adjust the brightness of the flame. It is also possible to switch off the heat and leave the flame flickering by itself which will allow you to create an atmosphere of your choice. The atmosphere is created by the LED flame effect technology which really does need to be seen to full appreciate.

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Gazco Riva2 70 Inset Electric

The rise in the popularity of electric fires continues even if it has been somewhat under the radar. The Gazco Riva2 70 Inset Electric is the latest from the Gazco range and it is not difficult to see why it is proving particularly popular. Electric fires are not necessary for everybody but the idea that they are somewhat stuck in the past is an issue which has hung over the industry for some time now. The electric fire that you see today bears no resemblance to the cheap and cheerful electric fires of years gone by to which many people still compare the industry. So, what should you expect with your Gazco Riva2 70 Inset Electric?

Design and function

The design of this particular model is beautiful to say the least and the fact that it fits perfectly into the standard fireplace makes it very easy to install. The Gazco Riva2 70 Inset Electric compares favourably to the Studio Electric Inset Fires, taking all of the technology and aesthetics which make these particular models extremely easy on the eye. You will notice there are two adjustable heat settings on this electric fire, you can vary the brightness to create a specific atmosphere and the unique LED flame effect technology also adds that little extra.

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Gazco Logic2 Electric Fire

If just a few years ago we would have suggested growing demand for the likes of the Gazco Logic2 Electric Fire you would probably have wondered where we were getting our information from. This type of electric fire is both stylish and classy and incorporates the latest technology which is hidden behind the body. Many people automatically assume that electric fires will make little in the way of heat and while they are not comparable with wood-burning or multifuel stoves, they will certainly take the chill off any room.

Style of the Gazco Logic2 Electric Fire

You only need to look at the images of the Gazco Logic2 Electric Fire below to see exactly what is on offer. The classic grate, the large expanded viewing area and the decorative outer frame really do put the finishing touches to an excellent fire. Electric fires may not be for everybody but when you bear in mind efficiency ratings are 99%, log affect and clear stone “fuels” are visible not to mention the deep amber or cool blue flame settings, there is a lot more to this stove than initial impressions suggest. The heat output is around 1 kW up to 2 kW and as the machine is electronically controlled you can simply flick it on in an instant and switch it off when you leave the room.