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Varde Bolton Woodburning Stove

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The Varde Bolton wood-burning stove (also available in multifuel) looks exceptional from a head-on view but it is only when you look from the side that you see the additional extra. There is a side viewing area which perfectly compliments the enlarged front viewing area, lighting up your room and drawing your eyes in. There is nothing better than relaxing watching the burning flames and the flickering embers and drifting off to sleep in what can only be described as a deep seated heat.

Both the multifuel and the wood-burning stove options have dimensions of height 1000 mm x width 510 mm x depth 450 mm. The steel body hides a very efficient combustion system with an 80% efficiency rating and 7 kW output. The output is more than enough for small to medium-sized rooms and will certainly take the chill of a larger room. The style itself is described as contemporary but this type of stove is at home in both a traditional and a contemporary style decor. It has a flat top canopy, top or rear flue outlet option and can accommodate logs up to 350 mm in length. Eye-catching, highly efficient and at home in any type of decor it is not difficult to see why some suppliers are selling out of the Varde Bolton wood-burning stove very quickly!

Online Catalogue | Stove Brands | Varde Stoves |  Varde Bolton Woodburning Stove