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Saltfire ST-X8 Multifuel Stove

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While the Saltfire ST-X8 Multifuel Stove may not necessarily be a household name yet it is certainly catching the eye of stove enthusiasts. The Saltfire ST-X8 stove is part of the Saltfire ultra clean burning range and while it has taken some time to develop it has certainly been worth the wait. This is the largest of the Saltfire stove range offering heat output of 8 kW and an efficiency rating of around 81%. Even though the European eco-design regulations do not come into play until 2022 the Saltfire ST-X8 Multifuel Stove is already fully compliant.

It is also worth noting that the company has gone above and beyond requirements for DEFRA approval with the precision welded steel body and cast iron doors actually thicker than they need to be. This ensures that as much heat as possible is retained within the body of the stove and emitted into the room in a very controlled manner. As you can see from the image, the machine has a large viewing area through which to watch the flickering embers and the burning embers as you drift off to sleep.

The Saltfire ST-X8 Multifuel Stove has dimensions of height 664 mm, width 515 mm, depth 416 mm and weighs in at 122 kg. The 5 inch flue (125 mm) can be fitted to the rear or top of the stove giving flexibility on installation. The generous internal firebox has a width of 390 mm with a depth of 290 mm and is able to accommodate maximum log sizes of 14 inches (360mm). Excellent value for money, extremely well-designed with a unique afterburn system, it is no surprise to learn that this particular model is going down well with stove enthusiasts. If you have not considered any of the Saltfire stove range, we suggest that you take a look today - you will not be disappointed.

Online Catalogue | Stove Brands | Search by KW | 8 KW Stoves |  Saltfire ST-X8 Multifuel Stove