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Hwam 7180 Stove

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All Hwam and Wiking Stoves come direct from the Manufacturer in Denmark

The Hwam 7180 wood-burning stove is a huge machine which is striking and highly efficient in equal measures. The first thing that hits you about the Hwam 7180 wood-burning stove is the size of the unit which is a staggering 181.3 cm high. The reason for the extended height is not only because of the storage facility for accessories below the stove but an area for heat stones above the combustion chamber which adds to the efficiency and heating duration. This is all before we even begin to take in the eye-catching and enlarged viewing area when the fierce flames and the burning embers certainly make a statement and add to the ambience of any room.

The technical specifications for the Hwam 7180 wood-burning stove show a machine with dimensions of height 181.3 cm, width 56 cm and depth 56 weighing in at a colossal 524 kg with soapstone cover, 461 kg with sandstone cover and 90 kg for the heat retaining stones. As we touched on above, this is like a statue in the world of wood-burning stoves with heat capacity of 4.5 kW and the now standard Hwam autopilot system. While the dimensions of this wood-burning stove will limit its suitability there is no doubt for those with larger rooms this will not only be a conversation starter but it will make an eye-catching statement!

Online Catalogue | Stove Brands | Search by KW | 5 KW Stoves |  Hwam 7180 Stove