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Hwam 4550 Stove

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All Hwam and Wiking Stoves come direct from the Manufacturer in Denmark

The Hwam 4550 wood-burning stove is a contemporary style stove which is large in size and stature. The dimensions of this particular model are height 138.8 cm x width 50 cm x depth 40.6 cm so in reality it is built for larger rooms. The Hwam 4550 wood-burning stove also has the intelligent heat system inbuilt offering heat output of between 3 kW and 7 kW. The flue size is 150 mm and the combustion chamber 35.8 cm. Once you get over the size and the weight of this stove, an impressive 134 kg, is not difficult to see why this popular for those with larger rooms.

For many it is the front and side glass panels which make it stand out offering you the chance to enjoy the flickering flames in the burning embers from any part of the room. This is not your stereotypical contemporary wood-burning stove but it certainly is one which will stand out. Hwam has a reputation for quality products and affordable prices and the Hwam 4550 wood-burning stove certainly falls into this category. As we touched on above, this type of stove will not fit into every room but for larger rooms it will certainly ensure you are not called.

The quality of manufacturing and the design of this Hwam wood-burning stove are there for all to see from a company with a history and the reputation many can only dream. The ability to build contemporary stoves which are popular with the mass market is not easy but once you do see the quality, the visual impact and the burning, flickering embers it is not difficult to see why some consumers will be attracted. So, if you are looking something a little different why not check out the Hwam 4550 wood-burning stove?

Online Catalogue | Stove Brands | Search by KW | 5 KW Stoves |  Hwam 4550 Stove