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Hwam 3630 Stove

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CO Alarm
Door Options
Top Cover Plate Option
External Air System Option
Colour Options
Hwam SmartControl Option
SmartBackup Option
All Hwam and Wiking Stoves come direct from the Manufacturer in Denmark

The Hwam 3630 is a woodburning stove that has very low emissions but still manages to have a high heating capacity. This means it is very eco-friendly so you are not only helping your room out by buying this stove. The 3630 has a secret wood section that is hidden behind a magnificent door. You can store many things in here such as lighting tools.

Autopilot IHS

The brand new added extra available on the majority of the Hwam stoves means that you no longer have to manually control the air supply to the firebox. So all you need to do is fuel the stove and the rest is done for you. With this new system it will allow you to get the most out of your stove meaning a higher efficiency, Cleanburn combustion and a remote control that puts the power in your hands allowing you to set your desired temperature. Not only does this system make your life easier but it could result in burning up to 50% less firewood meaning it could save you money in the long run.

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Side viewing panels
Side hinged door
Push shut door

Online Catalogue | Stove Brands | Hwam Stoves |  Hwam 3630 Stove