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Dovre 500 Multifuel Spare Parts

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We have every replacement part you will ever need for your Dovre 500 multifuel stove including glass, doors, bricks, blanking plate, baffle plate and much more. Simply logon and choose the products you require, check out and they will be delivered direct to your doorstep. It could not be easier…

There is a standard £10 postal charge which covers up to 15 kg in weight with many customers buying a number of spare parts for the future. If you would like to discuss a package deal or our delivery charges in more detail, please contact us on telephone number (01706) 813393.

Product Ref Description Price Quantity
DV-56304 Dovre 500 Multifuel Grate Frame 93.90
4946a Dovre Glass Rope Seal Kit - 6mm soft 20.00
4947 Dovre Door Sealing Kit - 8mm 25.00
DV-70.00336.020 Dovre 500 Flue Collar 57.50
DV-64221.00 Dovre 500 Multifuel Door Handle 56.75
DV-03.18101.041a Dovre 500 Glass Screws 5.08
DV-03.26101.041 Dovre 500 Glass Retaining Clips 35.00
DV-61105.0 Dovre 500 MF Riddling Grate RRP: £89.74 55.00
DV-03111.0 Dovre 500 Log Retaining Bar 55.00
DV-15464.0 Dovre 500 Complete Door (Plain) 638.00
DV-35202.0 Dovre 500 Cast Iron Brick RRP: £36.30 19.99
DV-300-7H Dovre 500 Blanking Plate 60.00
DV-154880 Dovre 500 Multifuel Tracery Door 638.00
DV-28829.0 Dovre 500 Multifuel Firebrick Retaining Bracket RRP: £35.29 19.99
DV-70.35202.000 Dovre 500 Multifuel Cast Iron Fire Bricks 67.50
DV-70.76104.000 Dovre 500/Dovre 425 Baffle Plate 125.00
DV-300-17G Dovre 500 Multifuel Blanking Plate Retainer Bar 38.00
DV-GL40 Dovre 500 Replacement Glass RRP: £89.00 60.00

Online Catalogue | Spare Parts | Dovre Spare Parts |  Dovre 500 Multifuel Spare Parts