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Morso Door Sealing Rope

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PRODUCT REF: 62903100
Morso Door Sealing rope 2 metre x 8mm

If you are looking for Morso door sealing rope you can buy this online for delivery direct to your doorstep. This is the official Morso replacement door sealing rope which comes in strips 2 metre by 8 mm. Checking the seal on your stove door and other stove body parts should be part of your regular maintenance and repair. You would be surprised how much heat is lost through cracked or broken seals and how much more efficient your stove will be once these have been repaired. The sealing rope is extremely easy to fit and you will instantly feel the benefit in greater heat output and a much more efficient performance from your stove. If you have any questions about fitting your Morso door sealing rope please feel free to contact us.

Part Number 62903100

Used for re-sealing doors and body parts

Also known as Morsoe

Online Catalogue | Stove Maintenance |  Morso Door Sealing Rope